Zapatistas Announce New Autonomous Municipalities

Published August 19, 2019

Zapatistas Announce New Autonomous Municipalities


AUGUST 17, 2019



Here we bring you our word that is the same as before, today and tomorrow, because it is resistance and rebellion.

In October 2016, almost 3 years ago, on its 20th anniversary, the sister towns organized in the National Indigenous Congress, together with the EZLN, pledged to go on the offensive in the defense of the territory and of the mother earth. Persecuted by the forces of bad government, chiefs, foreign companies, criminals and laws; counting dead, grievances and mockery, the native peoples, the guardians of the earth, we agreed to go on the offensive and spread the word and the action of resistance and rebellion.

With the formation of the Indigenous Government Council and the designation of its spokeswoman, Marichuy, the National Indigenous Congress was given the task of bringing the word of warning and organization to brothers and sisters in the countryside and the city. The EZLN also went on the offensive in its struggle for word, idea and organization.

Now the time has come for us to report to the CNI-CIG and its spokesperson. Your people will say if we have complied. But not only them, we also have to with organizations, groups, groups and individuals individually (especially from the Sixth and Networks, but not only), who, in Mexico and the world, care about the Zapatista peoples and , in its time, geography and mode, regardless of its distance in kilometers, regardless of walls and borders, or the fences that put us, continue with their hearts beating next to ours.

The arrival of a new government did not deceive us. We know that the Mandón has no more country than money, and rules in the world and in most of the farms they call “countries”.

We also know that rebellion is prohibited, as dignity and anger are prohibited. But all over the world, in its most forgotten and despised corners, there are human beings who resist being eaten by the machine and do not give up, do not sell and do not give up. Many colors have, many are their flags, many languages that dress them, and gigantic are their resistance and their rebellion.

El Mandón and its foremen build walls, borders and fences to try to contain that which they say is a bad example. But they cannot do it, because dignity, courage, anger, rebellion, cannot be stopped or locked up. Even if they hide behind their walls, their borders, their fences, their armies and police, their laws and decrees, that rebellion will come to ask them sooner or later. And there will be neither forgiveness nor forgetfulness.

We knew and we know that our freedom will only be the work of ourselves, the original peoples. With the new foreman in Mexico, the persecution and death continued: in just a few months, a dozen colleagues from the National Indigenous Congress-Indigenous Council of Government, social fighters, were killed. Among them, a brother very respected by the Zapatista peoples: Samir Flores Soberanes, finished after being pointed out by the foreman who, in addition, continues with the neoliberal megaprojects that disappear entire villages, destroy nature, and convert the blood of the peoples originating in profit of the great capitals.

Therefore, in honor of the sisters and brothers who have died, are persecuted, and are missing or in jail, we have decided to name the Zapatista campaign that culminates today and we make public as “SAMIR FLORES VIVE”:

After years of silent work, despite the siege, despite the campaigns of lies, despite the defamations, despite the military patrols, despite the National Guard, despite counterinsurgent campaigns disguised as social programs In spite of oblivion and contempt, we have grown and become stronger.

And we broke the fence.

We left without asking permission and now we are again with you, sisters and brothers and comrades. The government fence was left behind, it did not work and will never work. We follow paths and routes that do not exist on maps or satellites, and are only found in the thoughts of our oldest.

With us, we, Zapatistas, in our hearts also walked the word, the history and the example of our peoples, of our children, elders, men and women. Outside we found home, food, hearing and word. We understood how only those who share not only pain, but also history, indignation, rage understand each other.

We understood, thus, not only that fences and walls only serve for death, but also that the buying and selling of government consciences is increasingly useless. They no longer cheat, they no longer convince, they oxidize, they break, they fail.

That’s how we got out. The Mandón was left behind, thinking that his fence, fences kept us. From afar we saw their backs from National Guards, soldiers, police, projects, aid and lies. We went and returned, we entered and left. 10, 100, 1000 times we did it and the Mandón watched without looking at us, confident in the fear that his fear gave.

Like a dirty stain, the fencers were left, surrounded by them in a now more extended territory, a territory that transmits rebellion.

Sisters, Brothers, comrades:

We appear before you with new Caracoles and more autonomous Zapatista rebel municipalities in new areas of southeastern Mexico.

Now we will also have Autonomous Resistance and Zapatista Rebellion Centers. In most cases, these centers will also host snails, Good Government Boards and Zapatista Rebel Autonomous Municipalities (marez).

Although slowly, as it should be by name, the 5 original snails were reproduced after 15 years of political and organizational work; and the MAREZ and its Good Government Boards also had to raise and watch them grow. Now there will be 12 snails with their Good Government Boards.

This exponential growth, which today allows us to leave the fence again, is mainly due to two things:

One, and the most important, is the organizational political work and the example of the Zapatista women, men, children and elderly support bases. Of outstanding way, of the women and young zapatistas. Companions of all ages mobilized to talk with other sisters with or without organization. The young Zapatistas, without abandoning their tastes and desires, learned about science and the arts, and thus infected more and more young people. Most of that youth, mainly women, take office and soak them in their creativity, ingenuity and intelligence. So we can say, without sorrow and with pride, that the Zapatista women not only go ahead to, like the Pujuy bird, mark the way and not get lost: also to the sides so that we do not deviate; and back so we don’t delay.

The other is the destructive government policy of community and nature, particularly that of the current self-styled “Fourth Transformation” government. Traditionally partisan communities have been hurt by the contempt, racism and voracity of the current government, and have gone into open or hidden rebellion. Who thought that with his counterinsurgency alms policy, he would divide Zapatismo and buy the loyalty of non-Zapatistas, encouraging confrontation and discouragement, gave the missing arguments to convince those brothers and sisters that the land must be defended and nature.

The bad government thought and thinks that what people expect and need are monetary alms.

Now, the Zapatista peoples and many non-Zapatista peoples, as well as the sister towns of the CNI in southeastern Mexico and throughout the country, answer him and prove that he is wrong.

We understand that the current foreman was trained in the PRI and the “indigenist” conception in which the natives yearn to sell their dignity and cease to be what they are, and that the indigenous is a museum piece, multicolored crafts for the powerful to hide The gray of his heart. That is why his concern that his train-walls (that of the Isthmus and the badly called “Maya”) incorporate the ruins of a civilization into the landscape, so that they delight the tourist.

But the natives are alive and rebellious and resisting; and the foreman now intends to reissue one of his caporales, a lawyer who was once indigenous, and who now, as throughout world history, is dedicated to dividing, persecuting and manipulating those who were once his peers. The holder of the INPI is carved everyday conscience with pumice stone to eliminate any trace of dignity. He thinks that his skin is whitened and his reason is that of the Mandón. The foreman congratulates him and congratulates himself: there is nothing better to try to control rebels than a repentant, turned by pay, into the puppet of the oppressor.


During these more than 25 years we have learned.

Instead of escalating the positions of bad government or becoming a bad copy of those who humiliate and oppress us, our intelligence and knowledge was dedicated to our own growth and strength.

Thanks to the sisters, brothers and sisters of Mexico and the world who participated in the meetings and seedbeds we summoned at this time, our imagination and creativity, as well as our knowledge, opened up and became more universal, that is, more humans. We learned to look, listen and speak the other without mockery, without condemnation, without labels. We learned that a dream that does not cover the world is a small dream.

What is now known and public, was a long process of reflection and search. Thousands of Zapatista community assemblies, in the mountains of southeastern Mexico, thought and looked for ways, ways, times. Challenging the contempt of the powerful, who dismisses us as ignorant and foolish, we use intelligence, knowledge and imagination.

Here we name the new Centers of Autonomous Resistance and Zapatista Rebellion (CRAREZ). There are 11 new Centers, plus the 5 original snails, 16. In addition to the original autonomous municipalities, which are 27, total Zapatista centers are 43.

Names and location of the new Caracoles and Marez:

1.-New snail, his name: Collective the heart of rebel seeds, memory of the Galeano Companion. Its Board of Good Governance is called: Steps of history, for the life of humanity. Its headquarters is La Unión. Earth recovered. On one side of the San Quintin ejido, where the army headquarters of the bad government is. Official municipality of Ocosingo.

2.-New Autonomous municipality, it is called: Hope of Humanity; Its headquarters are in: the ejido Santa María. Official municipality of Chicomuselo.

3.-Another new autonomous Municipality, is called: Ernesto Che Guevara. Its headquarters are in El Belén. Official municipality of Motozintla.

4.-New Snail his name: Spiral worthy weaving the colors of humanity in memory of the fallen. Its Board of Good Governance is called: Seed that blooms with the conscience of those who fight forever. Its headquarters are in Tulan Ka’u, reclaimed land. Official municipality of Amatenango del Valle.

5.-Another New Snail. His name is: Blooming the rebel seed. Its Good Government Board is called: New dawn in resistance and rebellion for life and humanity. Its headquarters are in the Pueblo Patria Nueva, reclaimed land. Official municipality of Ocosingo.

6.-New autonomous municipality, it is called: Sowing awareness to reap revolutions for life. Its headquarters are in: Tulan Ka’u. Earth recovered. Official municipality of Amatenango del Valle.

7.-New Snail. His name is: In Honor of the memory of Companion Manuel. Its Board of Good Governance is called: The rebel thought of the original peoples. Its headquarters are in: Dolores Hidalgo. Earth recovered. Official municipality of Ocosingo.

8.-Another New Snail. His name is: Resistance and Rebellion a New Horizon. Its Board of Good Governance is called: The light that shines on the world. Its headquarters are in the New Jerusalem Village. Earth recovered. Official municipality of Ocosingo.

9.-New Snail, is called: Root of Resistances and Rebellions for humanity. Its Board of Good Governance is called: Heart of our lives for the new future. Its headquarters are in the Jolj’a ejido. Official municipality of Tila.

10.-New Autonomous Municipality, it is called: December 21. Its headquarters are in Ranchería K’anal Hulub. Official municipality of Chilón.

11.-New Caracol, is called: Jacinto Canek. Its Board of Good Governance is called: Flower of our word and light of our peoples that reflects for all. Its headquarters are in the Community of CIDECI-Unitierra. Official municipality of San Cristóbal de las Casas.

We take this opportunity to invite the Sixth, the Networks, the CNI and the honest people to come and, together with the Zapatista peoples, participate in the construction of the CRAREZ, be it obtaining materials and economic support, be hammering, cutting, loading, orienting and living with us. Or in the way and way they see that suits them. In the next few days we will publish a letter explaining how, when and where they can register to participate.


Sisters, Brothers and comrades:

At the CNI-CIG we summon you to meet and know the work we have committed to, share the problems, the difficulties, the blows, the fainting, but also the seeds that serve to harvest better from the fight, and the seeds that we see that It does not give us a better harvest, which leads us to the opposite, so that we no longer do that. To meet those who are really wanting the organizational struggle, that we meet to talk about the good harvests and the bad ones too. Specifically, we propose the joint realization, in one of the Snails, of what could be called FORUM IN DEFENSE OF THE TERRITORY AND MOTHER EARTH, or as you see better, open to all people, groups, groups and organizations that insist on that fight for life. The date we propose to you is in this month of October 2019, on the days that you see most convenient. Likewise, we offer one of the Snails for the meeting or assembly of the CNI-CIG, on the date that suits them.

We call the SIXTH AND THE NETWORKS to begin the analysis and discussion for the formation of an International Network of Resistance and Rebellion, Polo, Nucleus, Federation, Confederation, or whatever it is called, based on the independence and autonomy of those who form it , explicitly renouncing to hegemonize and homogenize, in which mutual solidarity and support are unconditional, share the good and bad experiences of each other’s struggle, and work on the dissemination of the stories below and to the left.

For this, as Zapatistas we are, we will convene bilateral meetings with groups, groups and organizations that are working on their geographies. We will not hold large meetings. In the coming days we will announce the how, when and where of these bilateral meetings that we propose. Of course, to those who accept, and taking into account their calendars and geographies.

TO THOSE WHO MAKE ART, SCIENCE AND CRITICAL THOUGHT YOUR VOCATION AND LIFE, we will invite you to festivals, meetings, seedbeds, parties, exchanges, or whatever those shares are going to be called. We will already know how, when and where they could be done. This includes the CompArte and the “Puy ta Cuxlejaltic” Film Festival, but not only. We think about making special CompArts according to each Art. For example: Theater, Dance, Plastic Arts, Literature, Music, etc. There will be another edition of the ConCiences, perhaps starting with the Social Sciences. Seedlings of Critical Thinking will be held, perhaps beginning with the theme of the Storm.


We will convene meetings of relatives of the murdered, disappeared and imprisoned, as well as organizations, groups and groups that accompany their pain, their anger and their search for truth and justice. It will have as its only objective that they know each other and exchange not only pains, but also and especially their experiences in that search. The Zapatista peoples will limit ourselves to being hosts.

The Zapatista companions will summon a new Meeting of Women who fight, in the times, places and modalities that they decide, and will let them know when and by the means they say. Once we let you know that it will be only for women, so you can not give more data until they say.

We will see if there is a way to make a meeting of others, with the objective that they share, in addition to their pains, the injustices, persecutions and other chingaderas that make them, their forms of struggle and their strength. The Zapatista peoples will limit ourselves to being hosts.

We will see if a meeting of groups, groups and organizations defending Human Rights is possible, in the form and modality they decide. The Zapatista peoples will limit ourselves to being hosts.


Comrades, sisters, brothers:

Here we are, we are Zapatistas. To be looked at, we covered our faces; to be named, we deny our name; we bet on the present to have a future, and, to live, we die. We are Zapatistas, mostly indigenous with Mayan roots, and we don’t sell ourselves, we don’t give up and we don’t give up.

We are rebellion and resistance. We are one of many mallets that will break the walls, one of so many winds that will sweep the earth, and one of many seeds from which other worlds will be born.

We are the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.

From the mountains of the mexican southeast. On behalf of the men, women, children and the elderly, Zapatista support bases and the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee-General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés. Mexico, August 2019.