International Freedom Batallion Commemorates Kirefe

Published January 7, 2019

International Freedom Batallion Commemorates Kirefe

The International Freedom Battalion commemorated Dogan Kirefe (Muzaffer Kandemir) who lost his life during the siege of Raqqa 2 years ago.

The International Freedom Battalion issued a statement on the second anniversary of Kirefe’s passing and said, “Dogan Kirefe (Muzaffer Kandemir) fought heroically against ISIS gangs and became immortal two years ago today during our siege of Raqqa as part of the Internationalist Freedom Brigade during the Operation to Liberate Raqqa.”

The statement said, “Dogan Kirefe has reached immortality not just as a fighter in the Internationalist Freedom Brigade, but as a militant who combined the tough and rebellious spirit of the Black Sea with his revolutionary character and this character with the working class struggle.”

The statement continued: “He took the flag of socialism and revolution he picked up in Turkey to the Rojava defense and immediately thought he had joined late, quickly entering the revolutionary war and into the operation to liberate the peoples and end ISIS gangs to wave his flag.

As the International Freedom Battalion, since the days of comments like ‘Kobane is about to fall’ until today, we have taken part in organizing the Rojava Revolution and fighting against the imperialist/fascist thugs and their collaborating gangs without a stop.

Today the AKP-MHP fascism targets the Rojava Revolution that ISIS gangs failed to defeat. They want to do what the gangs failed to do, and are preparing to invade Rojava. This fascist invasion attempt will be met with resistance and they will share the same fate as ISIS gangs.

As the International Freedom Battalion, we will continue to be part of this struggle with freedom fighters from all around the world like Dogan and resist until the last fighter falls to defeat fascism. We are calling on all internationalists throughout the world to come together in the International Front against fascism in this righteous war. There is no time to lose, we have a victory that won’t let fascism pass. NO PASARAN!”