YPS-Jin Revenge Units Launch Attacks Against Military in Turkey

Published August 11, 2020

YPS-Jin Revenge Units Launch Attacks Against Military in Turkey

The Revenge Units for the Martyr Berivan Judy of the Women’s Units for Civilians Protection (YPS-Jin) announced the implementation of a series of operations against 4 military vehicles, a base and a military yard belonging to the state.

The Martyr Berivan Judy Revenge Units carried out the operation of burning a military square on August 6th, between 15:00 and 16:00 in Bayrakli district of Izmir city.

According to the information, the fire inflicted severe damage to the military square, and the fire spread over a wide area around it.

The statement indicated that on August 7th between 1:00 and 01:30, the units burned a car belonging to an official of the Justice and Development Party in Yeni┼čehir district of Mersin city.

The Units carried out the burning of 3 armored vehicles belonging to the Turkish fascists between July 30th and 31st, and on August 1st in the three neighborhoods of “Beyoglu, Kadikoy and Gaziosmanpashai.”

A military base belonging to the Justice and Development Party and the Fascist Nationalist Movement Party was torched on the first of August in Tuzelai region.

The series of operations during that period were carried out to commemorate the leader Nujan who fought with all courage against the Turkish occupation and was martyred in Heftenin.