YPS Attacks on Touristic Areas and Collaborators' Shop in Izmir

Published August 25, 2020

YPS Attacks on Touristic Areas and Collaborators' Shop in Izmir

YPS Martyr Kerwan Selul Retaliation Teams organized actions in Izmir within the scope of “revenge against colonialists and agents-collaborators.”

In the statement made by the teams regarding the action, the following information was given:

“On August 23, our units sabotage the marina in the town of Cesme in Izmir. A large part of the marina, which is a touristic area, was burned in the action. While the tourists in the area evacuated the area in fear and panic, a loss of $4 million was caused.

In the evening of August 19, in Bornova district of Izmir, Pınarbaşı 5th Industrial Site, our units burned an auto repair shop belonging to the agent collaborators. The auto repair shop became unusable as a result of the fire.”


In the statement, the message was given, “By taking the position of resistance against fascism with the vow of great vengeance, striking the enemy every day will lead to revolution,” and the following was stated:

“Fascism is not only applied to the Kurdish people. It is applied primarily to workers, women, and all peoples. Fascist AKP-MHP gangs are committing genocide on all peoples, especially the Kurdish people. The fascist and genocidal regime established on hostility to Kurds targets all peoples today. [In order to defeat] the fascist AKP-MHP regime, we need a joint resistance front against labor exploitation, rape of women, child abuse and male violence, which are implemented to intimidate communities.


The spirit of Self-Government revealed the united revolutionary struggle. Bringing the Gezi and Self-Government resistance line together in the vow of revenge will be the name of going to victory.

This spirit of resistance continues in all metropolises of Turkey and Kurdistan. Our revenge will keep our fire burning; We will make our fire thicker by burning all the fields created by fascism. We will continue reprisals against colonizers in Kurdistan and Turkey, and will continue to make the treacherous fascists pay. We will raise the fire of vengeance until we destroy colonialism as a salute to the Çiyagers and in revenge for Ulaşlar.

This action was organized in memory of the friends Ceren Güneş and Aynur Ada who were martyred after fought heroically against the occupation in Rojava.”

From: https://anfturkce.com/guncel/yps-den-Izmir-de-eylemler-144928