Words from Prison in Memory of Sebastián Oversluij

Published January 4, 2021

Words from Prison in Memory of Sebastián Oversluij

“Action is also a speech, action is an attack, destruction of something or someone.”

Time and existence run fast, sometimes it doesn’t give you pause to assimilate what maybe happened recently or happened some time ago. That dizziness of life gives us these moments of pause and these memory spaces, up to vindication, along with the continuum movement of the gear of the prison society, established by the genocidal state that perpetuates the repression, imprisonment and death of our kindred, comrades-accomplices of the idea and action.

We do not forget those who attacked during their existence and continue hitting with force all those that humiliates us, oppresses and torments the restless minds against this world absurdly established by its authorities and hierarchies. That is why today, we remember the comrade Sebastián Overslui, Pelao Angry, who 7 years ago was killed by that henchman and cowardly vigilante of a bank, while the comrade carried out his action.

Turning the other cheek does not suit us; that’s why today the confrontation and revenge against whoever holds power or homologues to authority defending with his life the interests of all those that he supports and expanding misery; sooner rather than later, he will feel the furious attack of our ideas and the thirst for revenge that dwells in our minds and dark hearts.

Today, from module 3 of Santiago 1 prison, it’s time to remember, say hello and learn from the seed that kompñero Angry germinated and intended to expand, along with his kindred spirits.

Today from a cell … Tomorrow with fire and courage in the street! Kompañero Sebastián Oversluij present in every violent action against this (panopticon) rotten world!!

Solidarity and constant vindication for our comrades imprisoned and fallen in the different territories!!!

Sincerely: Mapaxe, Santiago 1.

From: https://actforfree.nostate.net/?p=36394