Anarchist Attacks on Implenia and Kent in Vienna, Austria

Published January 29, 2019

Anarchist Attacks on Implenia and Kent in Solidarity with Basel 18 and Rojava Revolution

On the night of January 28th, we set fire to a construction machine that was located on a Implenia company’s construction site. Implenia is one of the main responsible companies working on the extension of the deportation prison “Bässlergut” in Basel. As a result, they are instrumental in further expanding the deportation industry.

On the same night, we set fire to a vehicle owned by the Kent restaurant chain. For years, they have openly carried a support of the fascist government in Turkey and its dictator Erdogan. This government is committing a genocide against the Kurdish population and on revolutionary people who have joined the fight for Rojava.

They were flames of revenge. Revenge for the persecution and recent condemnation of the Basel 18 comrades, who decided to unload their anger in June 2016 and made a wild demonstration in central Basel to fight against racism, repression and deportation. At this demo, institutions and companies were attacked that push this shit.

They were flames of anger. Anger at the European deportation system and the fundamental problem of national territories. This system tortures, murders and deports people against their will. It prevents people from living their lives, as self determined and dignified people. It makes people criminals due to origin and skin color.

They were flames of solidarity. Solidarity with the revolutionary forces of Rojava. Every day they stand up against the fascists of the Turkish army and at the same time work on a collective model of society.

As well we send our solidarity and our brightest smile to the people who are in jail and remain resisting. We have not forgotten you. Here and everywhere nothing is over, everything continues!

Long live anarchist solidarity! Fire to the facists and their alliances! Solidarity with the Basel 18! Solidarity with the revolutionary forces of Rojava!