US Threatens War as South America Prepares for Conflict

Published April 14, 2019

US Threatens War as South America Prepares for Conflict

U.S. Southern Commander Craig S. Faller claims the US is ready to attack Venezuela by the end of the year. Faller stated that the U.S. is “on the balls of our feet” awaiting instructions from Donald Trump, the president of the U.S. regime.

The U.S. regime claims that it is concerned over Chinese, Russia, and Cuban influence in the hemisphere. Notorious warmonger, John Bolton stated that the U.S. is “determined not to see Venezuela fall under the sway of foreign power[s],” referring to the racist, colonial Monroe Doctrine that argues the US owns Latin America.

The U.S. also remains determined to destroy one of the last vestiges of the Pink Tide movement – Venezuela – as Brazil, Chile, and Argentina have moved to the right. The anti-state position should become increasingly important since the strategy of social democratic control over the state has again failed and the rise of reactionary movements is now threatening the reforms that were put in place.

Faller didn’t give details about U.S. military plans but he said they are planning for a situation comparable to the Syrian civil war. “The crisis in Venezuela could approach that degree by the end of this year if Maduro still remains in power,” he added.

Left wing and revolutionary forces in Venezuela and the region are preparing for potential conflict. Saturday, April 13th a Colombian soldier died a a guerrilla attack in the Antioquia Department. On Friday, another Colombian soldier was killed by an anti-personnel mine in the Catatumbo area on the border with Venezuela, in Colombia.

On Saturday, in Venezuela tens of thousands of people marched in Caracas to denounce the U.S. backed coup seventeen years ago. The “Militia Day” celebrations were a clear response to U.S. aggression. However, the anti-state revolutionary position should become more prevalent as the social democratic and statist positions continuously fail.