US Intensifies Anti Guerrilla Campaign in Colombia

Published March 20, 2019

US Intensifies Anti Guerrilla Campaign in Colombia

On Monday, March 18, Admiral Craig Faller, who commands United States forces in Latin America, announced that his forces had decided to focus more on the ELN and to exchange more information with Colombian officials. US officials believe that the ELN and FARC dissidents pose a growing threat to them, particularly following the political crisis in Venezuela that has allowed the two guerrilla organizations to gain prominence in the country. Thus the ELN would now be active in at least 13 of the 24 states of Venezuela and would proceed to gain many recruits.

U.S. Admiral Craig Faller, the head of the U.S. military’s Southern Command that oversees U.S. forces in Latin America, says the United States had sharpened its focus on the rebels and increased its sharing of intelligence with Colombian officials.

The U.S. is concerned that the rebels, in solidarity with the Venezuelan revolutionary movement, are expanding their military reach; particularly as the US, Colombia, and Brazilian regimes are organizing a slow moving coup.

Revolutionary solidarity from the insurgents on both sides of the Colombia-Venezuela border add another layer of complexity to the conflict in Venezuela.