US Embassy in Honduras Torched in Protests

Published June 3, 2019

US Embassy in Honduras Torched in Protests

The main entrance of the US Embassy in the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa was left charred Friday, May 31st, after demonstrators set fire to tires and objects in front of the building. The fire came amid days of protests against privatization.

The massive demonstrations against public sector reforms in the country are some of the largest in quite some time. Thousands of doctors, teachers and students had taken to the streets to demand the government abandon plans to privatize the health and education sectors.

The blaze, ulimately, didn’t destroy the main embassy building, but did exterior damage.

The Honduran government is one of the, now several, far right governments in the hemisphere. This regime was installed in a coup, orchestrated with the asistance of US politician Hillary Clinton.

Militant actions are becoming increasingly necessary as far right forces have consolidated power in Latin America and elsewhere around the world.