Uprising in Kayes, Mali After Murders by Police

Published May 15, 2020

Uprising in Kayes, Mali After Murders by Police

A police station and administrative building were torched in Kayes, Mali in an uprising following the murder of a teenager and subsequent murders of protesters by police.

An off-duty police officer on Monday shot 18-year-old Seyba Tamboura dead. Police later tried to justify the murder by saying that the pig was trying to disperse a group of young men on motorbikes.

The murder sparked protests that evening and over the next two days.

Two other protesters have been killed by police since the uprising began.

Militants set fire to an administrative building on Wednesday, and burned all the documents and the archives.

A police station and police outposts in the city were attacked and set on fire on Tuesday.

Siradjou Tamboura, uncle of the shooting victim, said that young people “want justice because there are too many injustices in this city, too many police abuses.”

As in many areas of the world, the state and its police forces are using coronavirus as a justification for increasingly draconian practices. The uprising in Kayes, Mali demonstrates the potential for people to effectively rise up in resistance to pig violence.