Uprising at Migrant Prison in Turin, Italy

Published January 11, 2020


Less than a month after the last revolts, on the evening of January 4, prisoners set fire to three sections of the the migrant prison [CPR or “permanent center for repatriations,” camps for undocumented migrants] Corso Brunelleschi in Turin, Italy. The fire started around midnight in the green and red sections; then it also spread to the white section. The only unaffected section is, therefore, the blue. While the flames envelop the cages, the detainees are in the courtyard, surrounded by the police. Suddenly, a group of united people arrives in front of the center and for a few minutes, on both sides of the wall, cries of “Freedom” rise to the sky, with smoke.

For several weeks now, the Turin CPR has not been the only one existing in northern Italy. Another center has just opened in Gradisca d’Isonzo. The project, much praised by the government, to build a center in each region seems to be slowly coming to fruition. The main obstacle is always the rage and the courage of the detainees: in addition to the recent revolts, innumerable protests and acts of resistance, individual or in small groups, mark time in the center of Turin; apparently in Gradisca too, just days after it opened, detainees protested and there were episodes of resistance.

The revenge of those who operate the eviction machine was not long in coming. Sunday afternoon, just hours after the revolt, after the firefighters put out the fires in the burned sections, the riot forces entered in force, first in the green section, then in the red, they beat up the detainees and searched them. After this operation, seven guys were taken on board and arrested as responsible for the fire.

The only section which still has habitable rooms is the blue; in the others, the detainees must spend the night in the room or in the courtyard, without blankets.

On Saturday January 11, there will be two rallies, in front of the CPRs in Turin and Gradisca.

The least thing is to make our solidarity felt to those who continue to rebel, with determination and courage, until these centers remain only ashes…

From: https://attaque.noblogs.org/post/2020/01/06/turin-italie-dans-la-nuit-revolte-a-la-prison-pour-sans-papiers/