Uprising and Repression of Political Prisoners in Palestine

Published April 8, 2019

Negev Prison

Hundreds of Palestinian political prisoners were attacked and wounded this week in the Negev prison in retaliation for a revolt by prisoners, who were brutalized by prison guards during a transfer from one section to another of this vast tent camp in the desert. As a result, 90 political prisoners in Section 3 of the Negev prison were handcuffed and tied to their beds all night, without any blankets or other personal belongings.

The administration of this prison, which detains 1,300 political prisoners illegally (since Israel does not have the right, as an occupying power, to transfer people from occupied Palestine to its territory), has increased the number of punitive raids against detainees since February 19, when prisoners protested against the installation of jamming devices around sections of this camp, preventing communications between prisoners. Last Sunday, one of these night raids degenerated and two prisoners stabbed their attackers, and wounded them.

A wild assault was followed by bullets, stun grenades and tear gas, which left many wounded in the prison, ten of whom were reportedly transported to the nearest medical center. Among them, Islam Yusri Wishahi and Udayy Adel Salem were in critical condition. Collective punishment multiplied after this event, starting with very heavy fines: more than 50,000 euros for 74 Negev prisoners and 96 in Ketziot prison. All visits have been abolished, especially for families in Gaza, who are only very exceptionally allowed to visit their relatives. And a bus of Gazans who had long been granted permission to visit their detained relatives had to turn back. The right to walk in the yard was also removed, and many prisoners were placed in solitary confinement.

From: https://secoursrouge.org/Palestine-Resistance-et-repression-des-prisonniers-politiques