Uprising Against Police Racism in Liege, Belgium

Published March 16, 2021

Uprising Against Racist Police in Liege, Belgium

Nine police officers were sent to the hospital after an uprising on Saturday in Liège, Belgium. The uprising was sparked by the racist forcible arrest of a Black woman by police.

Fast food restaurants and stores were also looted during the uprising. 36 total cops were injured.

Video footage had spread of a Black woman being forcibly arrested by two officers on Liege’s central Place Saint-Lambert last Monday.

The woman, who was seen pinned to the ground by officers in the video, then filed a complaint of racism.

200 to 300 anti-racist militants clashed with police on Saturday. Militants threw stones at the central police station and police vehicles in the French-speaking Wallonia region.

A McDonalds was also ransacked. Several windows of city hall were smashed.

Uprisings for Black liberation and the abolition of police spread around the world, following the burning of a police precinct in Minneapolis last summer.

Over the past year, a number of protests against racism and colonialism have taken place in Belgium.