Uprising against French Colonial Police in Mayotte

Published March 2, 2021

Uprising against French Colonial Police in Mayotte

An uprising took place in the Koungou commune of northern Mayotte against French colonial police on Friday, as the town hall prepares to destroy people’s homes. An anti-immigration office and police vehicle were also attacked.

The violence began following a wave of arrests by gendarmes in the so-called informal neighborhood of Jamaica. The town hall of Koungou is preparing the evacuation of a plot at the request of its owner, a trading company, where 200 tin huts are built on steep slopes, which have no running water or electricity and the majority of whose inhabitants are said to be people in an irregular situation.

Militant youth resisted by erecting roadblocks, setting bins and bulky items on fire in the streets.

Also on Friday evening, a room hosting the LIC (Fight against Clandestine Immigration) investigation offices was devastated by flames in Mayotte. A border police operational support group (GAO) vehicle parked in front of the building was set on fire.