Update on Anti-Fascist Defendants in Sacramento

Published November 18, 2019


Three anti-fascist defendants, facing charges from the events of June 26th, 2016, when anti-fascists bravely prevented white supremacists from rallying in Sacramento, California, took non-cooperating plea deals that will likely allow them to avoid jail time.

Antifa Sacramento stated: “There will be no jury trial after all. On November 14, in court here in Sacramento, all 3 defendants took a non cooperation plea deal where the assault charge for each defendant was dropped and the misdemeanor riot charge was amended to misdemeanor unlawful assembly. In the end, all 3 defendants plead “no contest” to misdemeanor unlawful assembly alone. Additional terms of the plea deal state that there is a sentence that is currently suspended which is 90 days in jail/3 years informal probation. That suspended sentence and the entire case will be discarded if after 18 months, all 3 defendants have completed 90 hours of community service and have stayed off capitol grounds for that period of time as well.

Altogether, there were 30 of us that came out to court today to show that support and solidarity! This has been a long road and the support from the community here in Sacramento and from all over has been incredible!”

Background on June 26th, 2016 by Antifa Sacramento

On June 26th, 2016, antifascists successfully prevented a Neo-Nazi rally that was set to take place at the Sacramento Capitol. The Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) and the Golden State Skinheads (GSS) came together to plan the rally as a show of force and a platform for their racist ideology. Instead, they were driven out by hundreds who had enough of their racist terror. In the fray, 9 anti-fascsists were hospitalized, 6 of whom were stabbed by neo-Nazis. What happened on June 26th is not an isolated occurrence. It is part of a much broader pattern- fascists and white supremacists are emboldened by a political climate that looks the other way at best and sympathizes with them at worst. For decades, people have been fighting the forces of oppression by taking matters into their own hands. The struggle continues. We rise to meet it.

Via https://antifasac.blackblogs.org/