United Revenge Militia Launches New Attacks Against the Turkish State

Published July 8, 2019

United Revenge Militia Launches New Attacks Against the Turkish State

The Peoples’ United Revenge Militia (HBIM) reported that they had committed a sabotage action against the Grand Efe Hotel and its surrounding hotels in Izmir, in Turkey

In a message signed by the Peoples’ United Revenge Militia they stated “[we] carried out a sabotage action against Grand Efe Hotel and the surrounding hotels in the region called Özdere in Menderes district of İzmir. Two hotels were evacuated as a result of our action.”

The group threatened that they would continue to target tourist businesses, and urged local and foreign tourists to leave the region.

In this part of Turkey people have suffered immensely. Hunger, poverty, and massacares are systemic and normalized. The Kurdish people in this region particularly suffer immense persecution.

The HBIM urged the oppressed to stand with them against fascism.

Several days later in the Datca district of Muğla Palamutbükü television transmitters were also sabatoged by HBIM.

Their statement read that “the dirty propaganda tools of fascism” are a legitimate target and they should take this as a warning.

HBIM said this tourist area, and all tourist areas are funding the regime and will remain points of conflict. The group warned tourists “Do not come to the region that has become the income center of the fascist bloc. The AKP-MHP fascist bloc is supported by your countries, do not remain silent and object to your states actions.”