Two Police Stations Attacked in Essen, Germany

Published January 20, 2021

Two Police Stations Attacked in Essen, Germany

On the night of January 17-18, 2021, we placed an incendiary device under a cop car parked in front of the Rellinghausen district police station in Essen.

On the same night, the police station at Essen-Kettwig station was attacked with stones and paint.

For years, the police in Essen have not gone unnoticed, with their racist and violent interventions. Several people have been killed in recent years. We have been itching to visit them at least since the internal Nazi at Essen Police Headquarters in Muelheim an der Ruhr was discovered. The recent “Subversive and Out of Control” call has given us the necessary impetus.

Under the cover of the Coronavirus epidemic, there has been a nationwide wave of repression since 2020 against various leftist structures, largely unnoticed by the general public. We don’t want to let all of this go unanswered and we see our actions as a small contribution to the resistance.

A salutation also goes to the people in Brussels who attacked the police station by the hundreds, following the death of a person during a police check linked to the measures supposed to counter the Covid-19 epidemic.

Against repression!

Against the state!

For an offensive year 2021!