Twenty Sabotage Attacks Attributed to the Revolutionary Left

Published May 4, 2020

Twenty Sabatoge Attacks Attributed to the Revolutionary Left

About twenty sabotages of relay antennas and symbolic destruction have been recorded since April 1. Among the targets, there are three antennae from the operator Orange in the Jura mountains and a telephone pylon burnt down in Brittany.

Banks have also been targeted in Lyon and Toulouse, as well as Enedis vehicles in Montpellier, a construction giant in Niort, a McDonald’s in DrĂ´me as well as a sub-prefecture in Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique).

A confidential note from the Central Territorial Intelligence Service (SCRT), dated April 23, attributes these actions to militants of the revolutionary left.

Intelligence services base themselves on several sabotage calls on Facebook pages and websites of the revolutionary movement, including thiscall to reconnect with direct action , widely relayed.

A dozen judicial investigations are underway, mainly entrusted to the research sections of the gendarmerie, to shed light on these sabotages.

According to the confidential note of the SCRT, the concept of direct action is also spreading in European countries, especially in Italy and the Netherlands, where sabotage of relay antennas has just been noted.