Turkish State Linked Fascist Mercenary Leader Killed in Afrin

Published November 7, 2018

Turkish State Linked Fascist Mercenary Leader Killed in Afrin

Revolutionary forces issued a statement on an action it carried out in Rajo district of Afrin, which killed a member of the Turkish state-affiliated mercenary group Furqat al-Hamza

The statement said that in the action a Turkish state-linked mercenary leader called Ali al-Hemza belonging to the Furqat al-Hamza group was killed.

In a written statement fighters proclaimed, “Our warriors are continuing their successful actions against the occupying Turkish state and its mercenary allies in Northern Syria, especially in Afrin. Our actions are the first steps towards the liberation of Afrin… Our action has been carried out to avenge the martyrs of the Rajo region. We declare that our fighters are all over Afrin, and that we will continue to fight until we fulfill the promise of liberating the city and giving it back to the people of Afrin.”

The fascist leader was brought from Hama by the Turkish state and took part in many attacks against people in Afrin.

Revolutionary forces in Rojava continue to resist the Turkish state and ISIS, and prepare for a potential invasion of Rojava east of the Euphrates. All of the revolutionary organizations in Rojava will fight against any fascist incursion into liberated territory.