Turkish State Launches New Operation Against Revolutionary Forces in Iraq

Published May 29, 2019

Turkish State Launches New Operation Against Revolutionary Forces in Iraq

The fascist Turkish state formally launched an invasion on May 27th at 11pm in the Shekif and Shehid Derwesh areas in Xakurke region in southern Kurdistan.

Dubbing the invasion “Operation Claw,” the Turkish state “aims to destroy shelters and caves” used by revolutionary forces.

Southern Kurdistan, or northern Iraq, has a great deal of autonomy and revolutionaries operate with a degree of autonomy.

Erdogan’s regime has pressured the Iraqi state and the Kurdistan Regional Government to launch hostilities against the revolutionary movement in Iraq.

Erdogan, on Tuesday, met his Iraqi counterpart Barham Salih at Vahdettin Pavilion in Istanbul where he definitely discussed this recent incursion.

The Press Center of the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) has issued a written statement on the invasion operation of the Turkish army launched in South Kurdistan and said the following;

“On May 27, at 11:00 pm, the Turkish army launched an invasion operation in the Shekif and Shehid Derwesh areas in Xakurke region in southern Kurdistan.

After intense bombardment by fighter jets and helicopters, the occupation forces attempted to show presence with the troops airdropped in the region.”

Referring to the Turkish media reports on the operation, the HPG said: “The Turkish special war media tries through false information to simulate a victory triumph and to show the scope of the operation greater than actually given. The attempt of this ground operation, which can also be interpreted as an effort to relocate the war, which concentrated on the Lelikan region last year, to another area, will be resolutely countered by Kurdistan’s Freedom Guerrilla. For the occupiers, it will be one of the biggest blows in their history. The intense bombardment of the region continues and the public will be informed in detail about the operation at a later date.”

Sabotage in Iğdır: Five soldiers killed

The HPG statement also reported on a guerilla action in Aralık district of Iğdır province on May 27 that was carried out as part of the Revolutionary Initiative Campaign ongoing in the Serhat region.

Accordingly, guerrillas carried out a sabotage action against soldiers and armored vehicles of the Turkish army on move on the road leading to the Başaran outpost.

Five soldiers were killed and an unknown number injured as a result of the action which also left an Amarog type vehicle damaged.

Following the action, the Turkish army initiated an operation which was withdrawn in the evening hours without success.

Possible fallout

The operation appears to be limited in scope. But the Turkish state is in a precarious position. The revolutionary territories in Rojava have persevered and are sustaining their institutions. The Turkish regime, at the moment, cannot destroy the project and desperately wants to disrupt the momentum.

The Assad regime and Russia are now attacking Idlib province in Syria, potentially shattering one of Erdogan’s last areas of influence. Due to this Turkey’s position is precarious, and the state is acting impetuously. Revolutionary forces will continue to bleed the Turkish state in all areas of Kurdistan, and eventually drive the regime into the dustbin of history.