Tributes to Internationalist Ivana Hoffmann

Published March 9, 2021

Tributes to Internationalist Ivana Hoffmann

Ivana Hoffmann was an Afro-German, LGBT and communist activist. She engaged at a very young age in the struggle and came into contact with the communist movements, including the MLKP. At the end of 2014, she joined the ranks of the MLKP fighter in the IFB [International Freedom Battalion] in Rojava. This internationalist fighter fell in Tell Tamir on March 7, 2015.

Ivana Hoffmann, like many other internationalists is a model. These women have understood the importance of this struggle for their freedom and that of all women and gender minorities, because they face all faces of oppression: patriarchy, capitalism, reaction and imperialism. This fight against the patriarchal and reactionary system can only be done with women.

By honoring Ivana Hoffmann, we want to honor all the dead women since the beginning of the revolution. Kurdish, Assyrian, Turkish, Arab, Armenian, and the internationalist combatants of Rojava, who have joined their sisters in combat. These fighters inspire us and inspire our current struggles!

The duty of memory is paramount, it is part of the story and allows its enrichment. It contributes to the continuity of the revolutionary work that these women have undertaken.

This weekend of March 6-7, 2021, the members of the Shengal campaign and various organizations inaugurated a fresco in tribute to Ivana Hoffman painted on the wall of the Sacco-Vanzetti Local in Brussels.

Sehid Namirin!


Ivana Hoffmann lives in our fight!

It is now six years since Ivana Hoffmann has become immortal in the fight for a new world. Ivana Hoffmann fell in the defense of the village of Til Temir on March 7, 2015, in Rojava.

She is the daughter of a German worker and a Togolese migrant. She grew up in Duisburg-Meiderich. Already early, she was committed to political topics. She participated in the “educational strike” movement in Duisburg. When she finally met the socialist youth organization Young Struggle, it did not take long until she took responsibly for tasks and organized herself. This was the point where she began to question the social conditions fundamentally and organize against any kind of suppression and exploitation. Determined and disciplined, she participated in various struggles. Whether in the fight for the liberation of women, for the solidarity with refugees, against fascism, in the class struggle or for the right to housing, wherever there was injustice, Ivana was ready to oppose it.

The unlimited revolutionary

When Ivana Hoffmann no longer found sufficient the limited revolutionary life in Germany, she went to the mountains of Kurdistan to get both a military and ideological education. Then she went to Rojava to participate in defending the revolution of the oppressed peoples.

Your life was certainly not easy. As a black and lesbian woman, she learned a suppression that each minority group experienced, but she could have moved into a reasonably pleasant, civil life.

Conversely, she decided instead to participate in the struggle of the oppressed peoples and to lead a revolutionary life. She decided to live up to international solidarity at a higher level and implement the fight against fascism in reality and to fight with the weapon. She has followed her words.

Ivana has deliberately refused to adapt to the limits and restrictions that the bourgeois life put us in. She has torn these borders and revolutionized her own life more than once. She did not allow herseld to remain in the influence of the bourgeoisie. Ivana left her school, family and friends and any kind of relationships behind her, went to a place that was totally alien, took over tasks that she had never experienced, but she was not afraid, because her tetheredness to the fight for freedom and socialism was, is and remains infinite.

Ivana Hoffmann was a communist with revolutionary virtues. She feared neither difficulties nor defeats; She did not go back. She did not hesitate to sacrifice her own interests and, above all, her own life for the revolution. This is a clear expression of revolutionary morality. That alone makes her an immortal role model for many of us.

Ivana has not only managed to revolutionize her own life, but also her entire environment.

Martyrs in the revolution are immortal

Anti-fascist struggles are led worldwide; whether here in Germany, in Turkey, in Kurdistan, in Palestine, Colombia or the Philippines. It is clear that fascism will not only become stronger in Germany. We experience a time in which fascism is in the offensive and has already taken the ruling role in some countries.

Ivana had already understood: The fight against fascism must be led internationally. She had understood that we had to learn from the battles, which are guided in other countries; learning what experiences are made, which successes or failures were achieved; what has worked and what has failed?

Ivana and all those who are ready to give their lives for this fight are an expression of all those struggles. They were ready to go further than most others of us, they were those who brought the fight to a new stage.

So we have to continue the fight that they have led, we have to continue pushing forward and not allow their heritage and fight for freedom to die. Only by continuing their fight, the fight for which they left their lives, will they become immortal and thus live on in our fight!

In our fight Ivana lives!

For us, that means to remember Ivana and all others who have become immortal and promise that we will never give up their fight! We can develop and intensify every fight. Not only in terms of class struggle, but also with regard to revolutionary life; We have to develop ourselves and also raise our awareness of ever higher levels!

It has now been six years, but no matter if six, ten or a hundred years; we will not stop fighting; we will not go back a step, because only in our struggle can Ivana and all of our immortals live on!