Trial Against Revolutionary Struggle Continues in Greece

Published April 11, 2019

Trial Against Revolutionary Struggle Continues in Greece

At 9:30AM on Friday, April 12th, the trial in the Court of Appeals against Revolutionary Struggle will continue at the special courthouse in Korydallos Prison.

The goal of the Prosecutor’s Office is to ensure that the sentences do not change, including those of Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa who received life imprisonment for the explosive attack against the Bank of Greece in Athens that was carried out in response to the policies of two of the three Troika institutions- the ECB and the IMF. Revolutionary Struggle claimed responsibility for this action on April 10th, 2014. At the next trial the decision of the Court of Appeal will be delivered.

It is worth noting that the prosecutor, as well as condemning the actions and communiques of Revolutionary Struggle, admitted during his speech that the attack by the Revolutionary Struggle cell Commando Lambros Foundas against the Bank of Greece, could have led to the overthrow of the government and had negatively affected the economy, tourism and investment.

Solidarity with Revolutionary Struggle

Statement from Revolutinoary Struggle:

March 10, 2019

On March 10th, 2010, Revolutionary Struggle was first struck:

Comrade Lambros Foundas fell dead from a cop’s bullet during the expropriation of a vehicle. He fell dead during a time of preparation for Revolutionary Struggle, which constituted the continuation of the organization’s action against the crisis, against capitalism and the state itself, against the policies of the system, which were formed by the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the IMF on the same days. It was an act of opposition to the burdens of borrowing contracts (memoranda) which, two months after his death, were imposed by the supranational economic and political power. It was an action-response to the fascist extortion imposed by the Greek political and economic power: “Memoranda or Destruction.” It was an answer to the dilemma of “salvation of the system or salvation of the social majority.”

To this dilemma, our companion Lambros Fountas and everyone in Revolutionary Struggle had already answered: the only response to the crisis is Social Revolution.

We remained as Revolutionary Struggle, despite the repressive blows, and in April 2014 the organization carried out a major bombing attack on the Bank of Greece and the IMF–two of the three institutions that make up the troika. It was an attack on mechanisms for enforcing social genocide policies for the survival of capital, the dictatorship of the markets, the junta of the representative system. It was an attack on the mechanisms of the occupation of society.

This attack was also the continuation of the action of Lambros Foundas himself, against the defeat, the abandonment of the revolutionary struggle, resignation, social death. It was against all these forces that wanted to bury armed rebellious action. They wanted and hoped that on 10/3/2010 in the streets of Dafni, Revolutionary Struggle had breathed its last breath with the death of comrade Lambros Foundas. They wanted suppression to triumph.

For our insistence, for our unsightly faith in the Revolution, for the stubbornness of Revolutionary Struggle to stay standing by resisting the repressive blows, we have been condemned to life in prison. It is our duty not to let defeat turn off the flame of Social Revolution. It is our duty not to let defeat bury our companion Lambros Foundas and distort the fight for which he gave his life.

Today, 9 years after our comrade’s death, his fight demands vindication. His struggle is our struggle for the overthrow of modern tyranny, for Social Revolution. It is the struggle for a society of economic equality and a policy of freedom for all people.



Pola Roupa – Nikos Maziotis Members of Revolutionary Struggle