Two TKP/ML TIKKO Guerrillas Killed By Turkish Fascist Army

Published September 22, 2020


Erol Volkan Ildem, Nubar, member of the TKP / ML-Central Committee, and Fadime Çakıl, Rosa, TKP / ML TIKKO Unit Commander, fell martyr as a result of air strikes carried out by the Turkish army in Dersim, Northern Kurdistan.

The organisation said in a statement: “From 6 to 9 September 2020, the fascist dictatorship in Dersim-Ovacık carried out an operation which the Minister of Internal Affairs announced with excitement was against the ‘Nubar’s unity’. As a result of the operation the villages in the region were evacuated. The operation spread and the whole area was bombarded by UAVs, helicopters and warplanes. The whole area was besieged for three days with a military force of about a thousand people.”

The statement announced that two TIKKO fighters, fell as martyrs; “What caused the Minister of Affairs to make a statement is that one of our fallen comrades was Nubar (Erol Volkan Ildem). The immortalization of one of our young comrades Rosa (Fadime Çakıl) is another reason that increases the enemy’s cry for victory.”

The statement added: “Our comrades will not be forgotten. They were as bound to the cause as they were to the infinite trust in their comrades. Now is the time for all our militants, members and people to feel this trust in every cell and to increase the fight.”

The villages of Büyükköy and Arslandoğmuş in Ovacik District of Dersim had been bombed by warplanes and SIKAs for 3 days.

Nubar had been active in the guerrillas since 2009 and was a member of the TKP / ML central committee. Rosa was a 24-year-old activist who became TIKKO’s youngest member when she joined her in 2013.