Thyssenkrupp Office Flooded in La Palma, California

Published October 11, 2020

Thyssenkrupp Office Flooded in La Palma, California

During the early morning hours of September 25th, the Thyssenkrupp office in La Palma, California was flooded. Their own garden hose was pushed through a mail slot and the outdoor faucet was turned on full blast.

Thyssenkrupp subsidiary “Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems” is a major dealer of armaments to the Turkish Armed Forces. The Turkish state’s genocidal project in Rojava is enabled in part by multinational corporations such as Thyssenkrupp. This action was a modest effort to disrupt a company which support Turkish fascism militarily. While this action was aimed at a German based company, we have not forgotten the role that U.S. based arms dealers, such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Raytheon, have played in supporting the Turkish states' genocidal agenda over the years.

In the context of the U.S., Thyssenkrupp subsidiaries hold contracts with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and UNICOR to provide wholesale materials to federal prisons.

The abolitionist struggle is international. The same multinational conglomerates facilitating state repression of colonized peoples abroad, are facilitating state repression of colonized people within the so-called United States.

Solidarity with the social revolutionary forces of Rojava in their continued struggle against ethnic cleansing, ecocide, and patriarchal domination.



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Note: photo is from an attack on Thyssenkrupp in Berlin last year.