Three Colombian Pigs Killed in Bomb Blast as Movement Gains Momentum

Published November 25, 2019

Three Colombian Pigs Killed in Bomb Blast as Movement Gains Momentum

Three police were killed in a bomb blast at a police station in Colombia after thousands gathered for renewed protests in a challenge to the oppressive capitalist state. Fighters also began looting bourgeois businesses around the capital.

Ten pigs were also injured in the explosion which occured late Friday night in the town of Santander de Quilichao, in the south-western province of Cauca.

The action came after demonstrations spread around several parts of Bogotá, a day after mass marches ended in three deaths.

On Thursday more than 250,000 people marched against president Iván Duque’s government, and another large crowd gathered on Friday afternoon in Bogotá’s Bolívar Plaza.

Over 122 civilians were injured during the nationwide strike, there were some 622 massive marches, rallies or other forms of protest which were held in 350 municipalities.

The protests have amid rumours about vastly unpopular economic attacks on the populace, and the government and paramilitary campaigns against protest, and community leaders.

There is also widespread discontent with the government ignoring its peace agreement with the guerrilla movement, FARC. The government has continued a campaign of repression, and revolutionary groups have taken up arms, and some, fortunately, have never put them down.

Recently former FARC member Diego Fernando Campo was killed in the municipality of Corinto, Cauca, for instance.

The uprising in Colombia is the latest in a series of revolutionary upheavals in Latin America in the past few months. Chile, Ecuador, and Honduras have had upheavals against capitalism and reaction, while Bolivia and Venezuela have had resurgent reactionary movements that, hopefully, will be thoroughly combatted.