Three Anarchist Comrades Arrested in Italy as Part of Repressive Operation Prometeo

Published May 23, 2019


Anarchists comrades Natascia, Beppe and Robert were arrested on May 21, 2019 by the ROS of carabinieri as part of a repressive operation called Prometeo (Prometheus).

Some searches have also been carried out. The regime’s media report that the main accusation is of “attack with the purpose of terrorism or subversion,” as they are considered responsible for sending three bomb packages that arrived in June 2017 to the p. m. Rinaudo and Sparagna (the latter is the public prosecutor in the trial for the “Scripta Manent” operation) and to Santi Consolo, at the time director of the DAP (“Department of Penitentiary Administration”) in Rome.

Waiting for more information we report the only address we know of:

Robert Firozpoor, Casa di Reclusione di Opera, via Camporgnago 40, 20141 Milano, Italia [Italy]


Translated to English here: