The Office of Contractor Building A Prison For Migrants Vandalized in Montreal

Published February 9, 2019

Montreal Prison Resistance

Another company involved in the construction of the new Border Services Detention Center in Laval has been attacked.

After a locust attack on the Lemay architectural firm last spring, the fa├žade of the head office of construction company Loiselle was covered with white paint in late January. The building is located in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield.

In addition to painting on a large surface, the revolutionaries wrote the words “No to the prison for migrants” in spray paint.

In a call for action aired late last year, an anti-prison group called for a direct confrontation with the yard itself, and also with companies and even workers involved in construction.

“The state expels more and more people and wants to increase its capabilities to do so,” they denounced in a statement released by the anarchist platform Montreal Counter-Information. The construction of a new detention center “is provocation, an act of confrontation, an attack on undocumented people, an attack on our communities”.