The CNI-CIG Repudiates the Aggression Against the Zapatista Bases Communities and Calls for Solidarity

Published August 25, 2020

The CNI-CIG Repudiates the Aggression Against the Zapatista Bases Communities and Calls for Solidarity


To the peoples of Mexico and the world.

The Indigenous Government Council- Indigenous National Congress repudiate the cowardly attack by members of the paramilitary group called the Regional Organization of Coffee Growers of Ocosingo (ORCAO), who on Saturday August 22 at around 11:00 in the morning robbed and burned the facilities from the Nuevo Amanecer del Arcoiris Trade Center, which is located in the site known as the Cuxuljá cruise, Lucio Cabañas Autonomous Municipality, within the official municipality of Ocosingo, Chiapas.

The paramilitary organization ORCAO has maintained constant pressure and violence on the Zapatista communities for years; As is the case of the Moises Gandhi Autonomous Municipality, to stop the autonomous organization, privatize the lands that have cost the struggle and organization of the original Zapatista support bases, to intimidate and threaten the comrades from below. betting on hope, such as the various attacks against comrades of the National Indigenous Congress, who were violated and kidnapped by paramilitaries from ORCAO, the Chinchulines and people from the MORENA party.

We denounce the war that, from above, is being deployed against the organization of the Zapatista communities, at the same time that above, the bad governments seek to impose, throughout the country, mega projects of death that we oppose and will oppose, because we are not willing to give up our territories and allow the destruction that the powerful promise.

We hold the paramilitary organization ORCAO, the MORENA party, the state government and the federal government responsible for these events, which have not stopped sowing violence in the region in order to hit not only our sisters and brothers in the communities support bases of the EZLN, but to all the peoples who dream of fighting for life, of healing our mother earth and not letting it be privatized, that the capitalist bosses and bad governments never return to the autonomous Zapatista territories and May that light continue to flourish in the territories of the original peoples of the CNI-CIG and all of humanity.

We call on the comrades of support networks and networks of resistance and rebellion to speak out and mobilize against the war of extermination, which is dangerously sharpening against our sisters and brothers of the Zapatista peoples, who teach us to never stop sowing rebellion and hope.


For the integral reconstitution of our peoples

Never Again a Mexico Without Us

National Indigenous Congress- Indigenous Governing Council

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