Texas Team One Primer

Published July 12, 2021

Texas Team One Primer


TX TEAM ONE is an organization struggling for the human rights of prisoners held captive in TDCJ. TX TEAM ONE is led by politicized prisoners and activists from within TDCJ. TX TEAM ONE is a multi-national, multi-ethnic formation which acts to UNITE all Texas captives who can be united, along with the communities which they come from, around our common de-humanization, the 12 points below, and over all, the involuntary dependence on those who choose to abuse their power and “authority”.

TX TEAM ONE seeks to bridge the gap between incarcerated parents and their children. We want to bridge the gap between the incarcerated class and our counterparts on the outside. Our strategy is to promote and practice literacy and social-political engagement among the captive populace, thereby creating people who children and communities can be proud to love and support and accept back into the communities.

Sadly, the inherently repressive institution that is prison maintains policies and practices which undermine the potential social, political and intellectual advancement and engagement of its captives.

With these thoughts in mind, Texas Team One wants the following:

  1. An end to racist practices and policies that allow prisoners to be held indefinitely in conditions of solitary (Restrictive Housing Unit).

  2. We want ALL STG confirmed prisoners to be allowed the opportunity to return to general population if and when they have maintained a satisfactory disciplinary history.

  3. We want a mandated LIMIT on the amount of time one can remain in RHU-solitary confinement. We want this mandate in line with the international standard put forth by the U.N.’s ‘Mandela Rules’, which limits said confinement to fourteen days.

  4. We want those who are in RHU to be allowed the opportunity to stimulate their intellect through literacy programs, education programs, life skills, job training, parenting classes, drugs & alcohol treatment, arts/crafts programs, support groups, and the building of unions and political formations, all in accordance with TX STATE LAW (Tx. Gov. Code § 501.009) Volunteer Organizations. Captives should be free to exercise these rights without state interference or obstruction.

  5. We want ALL discrimination against prisoners to CEASE. This is in accordance with TX STATE LAW (Tx. Gov. Code § 501.001).

  6. We want an independent agency established that will fully investigate grievances and citizen complaints against the governmental institutions of TDCJ and its agents.

  7. We want an end to unpaid labor within TDCJ.

  8. We want parole requirements capped off at 35%.

  9. We want captives to be afforded meaningful good time.

  10. We want an end to death by incarceration (death penalty, life without parole, virtual life sentences).

  11. We want the life term capped off at twenty five years.

  12. We want to ultimately end the social and economic relations and political policies that create the conditions of mass class-control and national oppression (mass incarceration).


Texas Team ONE was founded by prisoners in Texas for the specific benefit of prisoners in Texas. We see prison as an imperialist institution that perpetuates the arrested development of oppressed nations and people. Prison and the in-justice system have been structured to only benefit those who’ve through centuries of exploitation and oppression amassed surplus capital. As such, the prison institution acts as a quasi-border wall within the interior of the empire, its purpose to protect the interests of the bourgeois-capitalists’ class.

With that in mind, TEXAS TEAM ONE acts to advance the inherent contradictions between US captives and the state. Since the state has strategically utilized the prisons to mass-warehouse and enslave whole communities, whole sectors of nations, it is our purpose to flip their strategy against them by manufacturing prison conditions that will be conducive to our long term interest.


Texas Team One seeks to bring the entire TDCJ captive class and outside activists, organizations and supporters of prisoner resistance together across barriers of nationality, gender, ideology, religion, and geographic lines-thereby organizing a cross-denominational united front unlike anything ever seen in the Texas Prison system.

At previous stages of struggle, we have collectively utilized various strategies. We’ve been violent; we’ve been non-violent; we’ve filled grievances; we’ve underwent multiple hunger strikes; we’ve petitioned the courts, ombudsman, elected officials, and prison administrators.

We’ve filed grievances and in all other ways imaginable have patiently waited for the Texas state government to magically grow a moral consciousness suddenly.

Although mass hunger strikes have garnered us minimal advances, we see that these actions have not had the substantial impact on the structure and day-to-day activities of TDCJ’s warehouses and plantations. Our actions must disrupt the pseudo-‘peace’ and normal activities of these razor haired colonies. Our experiences have shown us that violence has been counter-productive to our goals. Through the empire’s ‘War on Drugs’, ‘War on Crime’, ‘War on Gangs’, which are really wars on US, we’ve been branded with the mark of the unredeemable, criminalized monster, public enemy #1. From this vantage point, the enemy-state is able to spin acts of violence against us to benefit their own agenda (keeping the beds full).

In the same breath, they utilize contraband in the same way. This is evinced in the fact that although 90% of contraband is provided by staff, in March 2020 when Texas Board of Criminal Justice instituted new fascist policies restricting mail, and who can send captives monetary support, they utilized the supposed excessive amounts of contraband as probable cause to restrict us of precious aspects of outside contact.

All that said, we realize that it is strategically best for our actions to be non-violent, yet still militant. Furthermore, it is strategically best that leaders who find themselves confined on an TDCJ unit to promote and practice a new revolutionary culture that can supplant the toxic narco-gangster culture.

We offer up the following multi-pronged strategy for the current stage of the Texas Prison Movement, and will adjust our strategies and tactics as conditions change:

  1. Steve Biko said, “The greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the minds of the oppressed.” Along these lines, it is our strategy to illuminate the inherent contradictions of the in-justice system, and the imperialist society to Texas’ captives population through propaganda and direct action. Through this combination, we seek to raise the national/class consciousness of Texas inmates, exposing the true motive(s) behind prison and crime.

  2. Organize coordinated state-wide prison shut downs/work and/or hunger strikes. Work stoppages should primarily (not exclusively) take place at prisons with essential economic industries (walls, michaels, Lynne, all field squads, all factories, etc.). In this way, we target one economic aspect of the prison institution and make conditions/attitudes of state officials more conducive to going along with the real changes we wish to make.

  3. Not everyone has a productive job in prison. So along with #2, we feel simultaneously co-ordinated hunger strikes and/or sit-ins on a mass state-wide level will act to properly dramatize our demands. The drama, or publicity, surrounding these actions is what will shift the balance in our favor through publicity (people’s power).

  4. Drawing from the example set by the Free Alabama Movement, we want to implement a nation-wide leaflet campaign, protests and boycotts of major corporations that benefit from the mass warehousing and enslavement of our families and communities (McDonalds, Walmart, Wendy’s, Wells Fargo banks, AT&T, Secures, JPay and more). When the profit margin of these corporations is effected by our movement, they will compel prison and state officials to comply with our demands.

  5. We are ONE TEAM, ONE UNITED FRONT against an imperialist conglomerate of opportunists and exploiters. As such, we must pool all our resources together. We should mobilize all families, friends, activists and supporters to engage in protest and dramatize at select prison grounds. These should be coordinated with the strikes in order to bring all movement supporters on both sides of the walls together to confront our captors at the site of our oppression, the prisons themselves.

In summarizing our broad strategy, we say that we will be most effective by applying a multi-pronged attack, consisting of both direct and in-direct actions, both political and legal. As it stands, TDCJ is not accustomed to dealing with widespread co-ordinated resistance with UNITY amongst captives and “FREE” people. The entire state in-justice apparatus has been thus able to act with impunity, as for decades, we as oppressed people have been sleep-walking, playing along with the agenda of our captors.

“Jails and prisons are designed to break human beings, to convert the population into specimens in a zoo—obedient to our keepers, but dangerous to each other.” -Angela Y. Davis


In some instances, phone zaps, petitions and letter/email campaigns have been effective. But this has been minimal and for minimal demands. With that in mind, we assert that these methods shouldn’t be ruled out, but significants shifted.

These methods must be used to galvanize our movement supporters. Write/call friendly-alternative media outlets (corporate media is not reliable), activists, organizations. This method is to spread the word of coming actions so that would-be participants can join in.

Furthermore, letters/petitions/phone zaps should be targeted towards corporations to inform them of our boycotting their establishment due to their support of and profit from institutionalized torture (solitary confinement) and unpaid labor in Texas’ prisons.

Summing up our own experiences in regards to writing elected officials, prisoncrats and other poly-tricksters, they have yielded no meaningful results. Therefore, WE the formation of Teas Team One struggle full speed ahead with a new strategy and new enthusiasm. UNITY-STRUGGLE-UNITY! #PrisonLivesMatter.


Despite many reports to the contrary, Texas still remains the epicenter of mass incarceration.

A quarter million people are locked up in Texas’ jails and prisons at present. That number is more than the total number of prisons in France, Japan, the UK and Germany combined. From 1980 to 2020, the rate of incarceration for Texas Wimmin has reached nearly 1,000%. Yes, you read that right, 1,000% increase.

The state ranks third from last, of all U.S. states, in funding per capita on indigent criminal defense, with almost no oversight on indigent defense.

Often, some white inmates shy away from activism in prison, deeming that it isn’t their problem. For white prisoners in Texas, this excuse isn’t substantiated, for Texas’ incarceration rate of ‘non-hispanic’ whites is higher than that of not only any state, but any country on Earth.

In 2019, due to an intensification in the war on drugs, there was an all-time high number of felony convictions and prison admissions due to low-level drug possession.

IN 2005, Texas introduced its life without parole (LWOP) statute: an individual in TDCJ can be serving LWOP without having killed anyone, as the state has expanded the amount of crime that can receive this unjust sentence. More than 1,200 people are serving LWOP and 1 out of every 10 inmates is serving either life or virtual life. On top of that, Texas’ death row is still the most homicidal in the empire.

Texas is one of three states that prosecutes all 17 year old as adults. We wanna work to advance public opinion on a ‘Raise the Age’ bill that will be retroactive, as a way to de-carcerate Texas’ prisons.

Texas has a SERIOUS mental health crisis occurring in its prisons. We believe this stems from a lack of competent personnel, among other factors, such as official indifference. 2019 was an all-time high for suicides in TDCJ.

Texas holds over six thousand people in solitary confinement, which is nearly five times the average compared to other states. Nearly 70% of all prisoners in the US who’ve been isolated for six or more years are housed in Texas-TDCJ. Half of those held for three to six years are held in TDCJ. We encourage a combination of legislative and direct action to change these conditions.

We highlight all the above to illustrate the wide variety of people affected by the conditions within TDCJ. This is evermore the reason we encourage principled UNITY among captives state-wide. Collective struggle that will bring forth even greater UNITY. We are one of only three states that do not get paid (AT ALL) for our work. We can change that!


Prisoners should educate as many people as you can about TEXAS TEAM ONE. Each One Teach One, conduct PE (political education) in your pod, dorm or on the yard about the issues brought up in this pamphlet.

Use this pamphlet as an organizational and agitational tool with others at your unit and even your contacts on the outside. If you can get MULTIPLE copies of this pamphlet made, pass them out to SELECTED PRISONERS. Meaning non-cop collaborators. We must build both public and inside opinion on not merely this formation but the necessity of direct action and liberatory culture shift on prison colonies. That way, when dates are chosen for co-ordinated state-wide action, we will be a TEAM. Be aware of stool pigeons; there are many amongst us who will use our organizing as an opportunity to do favors for their handlers.

We wanna hear from you! We encourage leaders and organizers on each unit in Texas to contact us at: *SEE CONTACTS page

We also need as many outside volunteers and supporters of our cause as possible. If you are on the outside and wish to assist TX Team One in any way, please contact us at any of the above contact. Your message will be forwarded to one of our inside Team players for response.




To ALL inmates that have been trapped within these Texas “AD-SEG” cages, brothers and sisters.

Each of you have known we have fallen victim to these oppressors for way too long! Since Xmas 2017, Allred (seg) has been making the effort to take a stance against those that have continued to abuse their power. We do not have to go in-depth with these oppressors’ doings. You know exactly what we talk about.

Sadly, through two decades and some change, I’ve bore witness to this seg madness. From the worst plantation sets to the so-called new wave high security units! It is time brothers and sisters, you finally realize your VOICE IS POWER.

Whether you feel you stand alone, EFFORT is key in this mission and MOVEMENT. We, Allred seg, have UNIFIED and created “TX TEAM ONE” as ONE TEAM to start being heard. TDCJ has abused us for way too long. We have lost brothers and sisters to these death cages, from suicides to excessive use of force incidents, it’s time MY PEOPLE!

It’s time Texas WAKES UP! We know after so much abuse, many have been discouraged and may have lose HOPE for “CHANGE”. But look around you brothers and sisters. HOPE IS ALIVE, hope is what you make it!

Tx Team One is out to set an EXAMPLE: That WE can UNIFY. We can put our colors and differences to the side as Cali has for years.

George Floyd brought us life, brought us a reality check, as well as many in the FREE world. The list of victims is never ending. The FREE have stepped up to the plate and fought the fight, so why can’t We in these cages? TDCJ has abused its power for way too long and they’ve seen how many souls have been broken!

That is where they’ve gone wrong. Spiritually, We been “BREATHING” and silently creeping! 2021-its the YEAR to set this madness off. Peaceful strikes of ALL levels is needed. Violence is only feeding into their choke hold! We gotta think outside the box as you should already know!

General Population: We ain’t forgotten y’all but y’all forgot us brothers and sisters? Do you not see what We see?

We, “white uniforms” are needed to keep these plantations alive. So why not close them down?

You see the illusion of good time and parole is sooo MF obviously an illusion. COVID-19 truly showed it well. Tx Gov. refused to release those with critical medical risk. NO MERCY for those that are past due for paying dues? Us, ad-seg brothers and sisters have had it hard and We hope you all in G.P. open your eyes and realize this could be your brother/sister/family member trapped in this cage.

So what can you do for her/him in seg? In short, if you read these words in G.P., or any ad-seg cage, RISE!

Brother/sister, take the step and ORGANIZE and start your TEAM ONE MOVEMENT.

WE refuse to bow down any further. Tx Team One, We breathin’. We hear to stay and above all, UNIFY as TEAM ONE(s).




The FOUNDATION of ALL UNITY must be based upon an agreement by all parties, surrounding certain select ideas or principles.

Particularly, in the prison setting, where differences appear to be more pronounced, and most are segregated into factions, it becomes necessary to propose objective reasoning for UNITY and collective struggle.

With this in mind, We borrow from the United Front for Peace in Prisons, using the following principles as the basis of Our principled Unity in Texas’ Prisons State Wide, on all custody levels.

PEACE: Without principled Peace, there can be no UNITY and without Unity, We will never achieve anything productive, let alone Our strategic goal of making the prison environment conducive to building captives’ development and commitment to struggle. We must CEASE to allow Ourselves to be used as pawns by/for the state/badge, by perpetuating the divide and conquer strategy that benefits Our keepers. We will band together, and against Our oppressors, NOT each other.

UNITY: Unity is gained and strengthened through networking and true communication. As We promote Peace and Unification and advance against the state, they will undoubtedly strive to break Our peace and unity. They’ll utilize dis-engaged captives to disrupt Our forces from within. They’ll start, spread rumors, and in all ways promote or foster conditions of ignorance and strife. It is the state’s desire to return Texas prisons to what they were only a few decades ago, killing fields and gladiator schools. So they can control Us all. Our sustained unity means the beginning of the end for their control. For what keeps Us here, in prison, except Our acceptance of their control?

GROWTH: We recognize the importance of education and freedom to grow in order to build real unity. Those individuals and organizations who promote this United Front for peace in Prisons must practice the principle of growth by insuring that they promote the evolution of captives’ mentality from one of the ‘criminal’ mentality to that of the revolutionary mentality. We should establish organized institutions behind the walls that will act as alternatives to the dominant prison culture. If We fail to live up to this principle, We recognize the right of comrades to leave Our organizations in their furtherance of growth.

INTERNATIONALISM: We want the liberation of all oppressed people. We recognize that We will not free Ourselves from Our oppression while being oppressors of others.

INDEPENDENCE: We promote and practice independence because We understand that the system of imperialism doesn’t serve us. The prisons reinforce imperialist dictatorship and therefore do not serve us. Therefore, it is necessary that We build Our own programs and institutions, so that We are not guided or influenced by those who would have us compromise Our goals.

Because of the different conditions on every prisoner and even within different areas of the prison, each collective, cell, or local unity, or individual who seeks to organize in unity with Texas Team One must seek to develop these principles and maintain them with the captive populace at your local area.

The United Front for Peace is applicable to G.P. and SEG and should be established and maintained so that We will not get in Our own way.

Illuminating Contradictions of Captivity

For the sake of clarity and strong organizational Unity, it is necessary that comrades and supporters have a clear picture of Our tactics and Our strategic goal and the difference(s) between them.

It is prerequisite that We articulate and drill this in the heads of captive peers. Failure of the masses to buy into both Our tactics and strategic goal will result in the pacification of the Captive Population after minimal changes have been made by the state at Our behest. We want to combat that tendency as much as possible, because it serves to strengthen the enemy-state.

It is Our duty to utilize propaganda and direct action to illuminate the contradictions (or problems) surrounding Our captivity. It doesn’t serve us well to allow the state easy-outs and quick fixes. We wanna illuminate these things in order to awaken the masses of captives to their victimization and to the victimization of oppressed nations and people. We much show and prove to Our peers and the disengaged outside communities that all is not well, that We are being warred on and We can do something about it.

The demands listed in the 12 point program are guiding points to tactical operations and are not end goals, in and of themselves. Stated more plainly, the 12 points are only points that will illuminate contradictions in the Texas prison system, that will further expose the prisons for what they really are, “imperialist institutions that perpetuate the arrested development of oppressed nations and people.”

When We say in point #1, We want an end to racist practices and policies that allow prisoners to be held indefinitely in conditions of solitary confinement, it is to introduce a more profound phenomenon, particularly that [email protected]/[email protected] captives make up over 50% of the captives half in solitary confinement/RHU, even though they only make up 32% of general population.

This large percentage is telling, when We account the fact that most of these captives have been designated STG (security threat group), a designator created by the U.S. Department of “Homeland” Security after 9/11 to target political and lumpen organizations. The STG  designator has been utilized to criminalize [email protected]/[email protected] identity. People who have committed no outlandish behavior are made to spend their entire sentences, sometimes entire lives, in solitary confinement, because of policies put in place to target their nationality, so that [email protected]/[email protected] and all others who’re subjected to similar treatment will BREAK, losing their rebellious spirit necessary to resist occupations, as Texas is really occupied [email protected] national territory, AZTLAN. The mass-warehousing of [email protected] in their own homeland, therefore acts to stunt national growth and development of [email protected] people and further kills the fighting spirit of the potentially main fighting force of the oppressed masses in occupied Turtle Island, that is the prisoner-captive class.

This is why We want an end to the racist policies and practices and why WE want STG confirmed prisoners released to G.P. because We observe these tactics instituted to stunt the growth of potentially revolutionary masses of people.

More importantly, We want the oppressed themselves, not only [email protected] but ALL oppressed people, to be made privy to the effects of such practices of the enemy and be moved to rise up and take their destiny into their/Our own hands. This demand, like the others, is not us begging the state or administration for redress. Contrarily, it is us begging and pleading with the masses of captives and people to flip the pigs’ strategies and tactics against them. Forcefully making them re-think their strategies.

When We point to the demand for a mandated limit to terms of isolation, it is to pin-point and even larger point. That being, that all of the 500-plus people held in Texas’ isolation chambers are held ‘illegally’. We point to this not to reinforce state or international ‘law’, quite the contrary. We point this out to show and prove who the real kidnappers are, the real murderers, the true “unredeemable criminalized monsters, public enemy #1” which is the capitalist-imperialist society and the owners of this economy. It is to pinpoint the fact that daily, the state knowingly tortures thousands of people in Texas. Yet they live free privileged lives while We, the oppressed languish in tombs for the living.

In point #4, when pin-pointing the need to stimulate the intellect, this is to showcase a basic deficit within the the workings of the system. When someone fails to inform you, particularly Our enemy, it is paramount that you band together to inform yourself. While in RHU (and G.P. for that matter), We want captive peers to prioritize liberatory intellectual development. Malcolm X once said that it is the worst thing one can do to allow their enemy to educate them or their children. Along these lines, We say organizations and individuals should develop systemic ways to develop the intellect of your/Our peers, and comrades. Teach each other philosophy, world history, revolutionary theory, economics, and when We start teaching these things, We will further illuminate the depth of deception inherent in the enemy-state’s mis-education.

People will become dissatisfied, which will cause resistance and out of that phase, the pigs will “beg” us to allow them to teach us.

In point #5, when We discuss discrimination against prisoners, We are being purposely general. Discrimination against prison captives has many variations. All of these variations are rooted in, or caused by, and stem from, the parasite-competitive economics that is capitalism, in which certain classes, peoples, and/or nations are systematically separated from the economy and super-structures (politics and culture, etc.) of the society.

In the U.S., in Texas, We TDCJ prisoners are this class of people. It is for this reason We are the test dummies for many of the state’s future social control plans. No one but prisoners could ever be denied the right to receive monetary support from anyone who so chooses. Only prisoners could ever be denied family photos or holiday cards. Only prisoners could ever be held under tight censorship by thought police, dictating what they can/can’t read or write.

Only prisoners could ever be denied the opportunity to practice their beliefs.

Only prisoners could be denied reasonably frequent access to communication.

Only prisoners could be sprayed with illegal teargas in tiny cells, beaten, groped, killed, all behind concrete walls and barbed wire fences.

Only prisoners could ever be blatantly denied their human rights and decency; left in small cages for decades on end; toiling without compensation; confined for life with no options of relief; or murdered ‘legally’ by the state.

Only prisoners could ever be subjected to the negligible medical and indifferent psych treatment that We are in TDCJ.

These are some (not all) of the discriminatory practices of TDCJ, and this is the sort of discrimination WE want to CEASE.

In point #6, We point to a fundamental problem in TDCJ and likely all prisons. That is, the utter lack of accountability for officials in instances of abuse or corruption. In 2019, there was a bill introduced to establish an “independent agency” to investigate grievances. We support this. However, we assert that this “agency” should operate more as a committee, one consisting of volunteer members of the community, who have family imprisoned in TDCJ. We say it defeats the purpose to have the states’ hand-picked observers as part of this agency.

Point #7 is self-explanatory. We point #8-11, as We see them as institutional tools to perpetuate the dominance of the bourgeois class of the state. We say this because these policies further the handicapping and under-developing of entire communities.

We support the concept of ‘Strategic Release’, wherein a prisoner’s grant of parole, pardon or commutation/clemency is based on the positive impact he/she has had on their community and society during their imprisonment and the even greater impact they will have on society upon release.

We believe the concept and eventual implementation of strategic release will do the most to advance the prison colonies towards Our strategic goal. That goal being to turn prisons from razor wired colonies into liberation schools.

We say that Strategic release will give prisoners, all prisoners, an incentive to evolve their behavior and thinking.

This will enable prisoners to be released as assets to the struggle against capitalist-imperialist property relations, which is and has been the root to Our social-political contradictions as a society and human race.

Along these lines, We point to point #12 as a summary of what Our struggles on the outside and inside are in furtherance of.

We feel this is important because We do not want mere cosmetic changes and “improvements” to this prison system. While We know these will be pushed upon Us by the state when it favors them, We must not allow Ourselves to be bought off by things that We should have anyway.

We don’t just wanna watch movies and be hypnotized into complacency. We want to live and be allowed to develop full as people.

In the spirit of Attica, let us carry the struggle for the emancipation fo humanity forward…


.Allred Committee.


Defining: T.E.A.M. O.N.E.

The spirit of the people is always the cause. In Team One’s case, the cause is definitely the dismantling of solitary confinement/administrative segregation/restrictive housing and any other means used as a form of oppression to hold down us as a people seeking advancement.

Solitary confinement is the bridle used to control the people, and prolonged and long-term isolation is the reins misleading us to becoming conformist and reformist instead of revolutionaries.

TEAM ONE is here to remind us that a broken horse, no matter how aggressive or wild he is, continues to be broken as long as he accepts the bridle and responds to the reins. And I pray that the comparison to a broken animal riles you into thinking deeply about Our predicament because that is what you and me and everyone of us is seen as: a wild animal that NEEDS to be broken in order to fit into their system.

The strength of a man has always been Our mind. To control a man, they have to control Our mind; if they can’t control Our mind, then they have to break OUR MIND.

Solitary Confinement is just one proven way to deprive us into breaking ourselves. Solitary Confinement is isolation to deprive you of human necessities-touch and human connection.

As humans, We all crave contact with each other: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and any prolonged and/or long-term deprivation of that contact erodes the same-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually prolonged isolation has broken many more people than any other prison stat combined. When I speak of broken, I mean that We can’t see past Our cells anymore. We are becoming complacent with the delusion that the prison complex will do away with itself or outlive its usefulness or the Grand Delusion that the system will change without a struggle.


Together Ending ALL Mass Oppression aNd Exploitations



[email protected]

*TAKE NOTE: Soon we will provide po box so that comrades on the inside can write us.

*Soon be advised: We are seeking outside assistance and volunteers to field Our outside support committees, such as a social media coordinator and correspondence coordinator. Please contact the above email if you are willing and able to assist us in any way.



*We ask that you spread the word… if you can mass copy this ‘Texas Team One Primer’ and help CIRCULATE, please do so. THANK YOU!


Ozo, Triumphant, Madd dogg, LOK

Received by email.