Funeral Held For Tekosina Anarşîst Fighter Lorenzo Orsetti

Published June 24, 2019

Funeral Held For Tekosina Anarşîst Fighter Lorenzo Orsetti

On Sunday, June 23rd, funeral services were held for Tekosina Anarşîst fighter Lorenzo “Orso” Orsetti.

Orso fell fighting Daesh in one of the final battle against the reactionary force in Baghouz, Syria. He was a committed revolutionary and selflessly demanded to be on the front lines for the final push.

He also fought in the defense of Afrin against the invasion by the fascist Turkish state.

Orso, however, was not traveling for conflict and war, but was committed to building an anarchist world, where the state, capitalism, and domination are challenged and abolished.

Orso was an integral part of the Tekosina Anarşîst revolutionary armed autonomous formation in Rojava, and instrumental in charting out an anarchist, anti-state position within the struggle.


Quoting a speech given as his funeral, Lorenzo “believed that no person should rule over another.”

His ceremony, in Florence, was widely attended, and revolutionary organizations from Rojava paid tribute to him as a fallen martyr. Tributes around the world continue and his memory is forever etched in revolutionary history.

Ciao Orso!