Statement by Political Prisoner Felipe Ríos from El Manzano Prison, Chile

Published December 19, 2020

Statement by Political Prisoner Felipe Ríos from El Manzano Prison, Chile

Felipe was sentenced to 12 years for the May 21 fire in Valparaiso during the riots. He is currently in the El Manzano prison.

The State / Capital organization has been systematically abusing the poor people for many years. This abuse did not begin the day the fare in Santiago was raised to 30 pesos. This abuse is embedded in the DNA of the organic State / Capital. Since the end of the dictatorship, a struggle has been continued that is related to historical abuses, which have evolved over time, but still have the same matrix. October 18 was the illustration of the conflict that could not be kept under the carpet any longer.

You cannot think of October 18 and forget those who participated in other struggles like Macarena Valdés, who was a victim of the State / Capital organization just for taking care of the land. One cannot think of October 18 and thereby forget Juan Pablo Jiménez, Alejandro Castro, Nelson Quichillao, Rodrigo Cisterna, Camilo Catrillanca, Matías Catrileo, Alex Lemún, Claudia López, etc.

Likewise, one cannot think about October 18 without going through those who were kidnapped by the State and “fortunately” did not die. I am referring to the long line of political prisoners that Chile has dragged from the 1990s onwards. We cannot think of October 18 and forget the past struggles since in this way we are forgetting our own struggle, we are forgetting that the abuses have been systematic on the part of a State / Capital criminal organization.

With or without a new constitution there is no rest, the struggle continues until the end of class society and the state that guarantees it.

As long as there is misery there will be rebellion.

From the bowels of the jail FREEDOM TO ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS

Felipe Ríos Henríquez / Political Prisoner Case May 21

Thursday, December 10, 2020