Solidarity with Exarchia as Squat Evacuations Continue

Published September 24, 2019


Continuing their series of raids on migrants living in Athens, Greece, police on Monday emptied out a building that was housing over 100 people for the last 5 years.

More than 130 people were residing in the building since 2014 and police were seen escorting families away, including young children, who resided in the former school.

From inside Exarchia: “Once again, the State shows its true face: a hyperstructure aiming to control everything, not in the service of the large number but of the power that claims to govern us and forbid us to live otherwise.

However, we showed Friday evening, by symbolically taking over the squat Spirou Trikoupi 17, evacuated at the end of August, a time of festivity over these last three years, that nothing is over and that we will not let matters stand.

We are seeds. Seeds of utopias. We are not afraid of wind, rain or autumn. Not even of winter.”

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