Solidarity with Dimitris Koufondinas: More Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike, Statement by Pola Roupa

Published January 21, 2021

Solidarity with Dimitris Koufondinas: More Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike, Statement by Pola Roupa

A beginning of hunger strike of political prisoners P. Georgiadis and V. Stathopoulos as a sign of solidarity with the imprisoned fighter Dimitris Koufondinas (Greece, January 18, 2021)

From Monday, January 18, we start a five-days of hunger strike as a sign of solidarity with the political prisoner Dimitris Koufondinas.

Solidarity will win.


The political prisoners,

Vaggelis Stathopoulos

Polycarpos Georgiadis

Larissa prison

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The addresses of the anarchist comrades:

Vaggelis Stathopoulos [Βαγγέλης Σταθόπουλος]

Polycarpos Georgiadis [Πολύκαρπος Γεωργιάδης]

Dikastiki Fylaki Larissas [Κατάστημα κράτησης Λάρισας]

T. K. 41334 Larissa [Λάρισα] — Greece

Note: Following the passing of a law preventing imprisoned revolutionaries (convicted under the anti-terrorism laws) from entering rural prisons, Dimitris Koufondinas was transferred from that of Kassavetia (in Volos) to the maximum security prison of Domokos, instead of the prison of Korydallos in Athens, which was the destination indicated in the ministry’s documents. As Dimitris wrote: “[…] Since they insist on a law designed especially for me, they must apply it, and take me back to the basement of Korydallos, in the special wing built by the minister of repression Michalis Chrysochoidis, to bury the 17 November organization, and where I spent 16 of my 18 years in prison.” Since January 16, also the anarchists Nikos Maziotis and Giannis Dimitrakis, already imprisoned in Domokos, started a hunger strike in solidarity.


Statement by Pola Roupa in solidarity with Dimitris Koufondinas, Giannis Dimitrakis and Nikos Maziotis (Greece, January 2021)

Solidarity with Dimitris Koufondinas

No persecution by the state against hunger-striking political prisoners must go unanswered.

Solidarity with Dimitris Koufondinas, on hunger strike since January 8, 2021 demanding his transfer to Korydallos prison.

Solidarity with Giannis Dimitrakis and Nikos Maziotis, member of Revolutionary Struggle, who have been accompanying him on hunger strike since January 16 until his demand is met.

Pola Roupa, member of Revolutionary Struggle

Third wing of the women’s prison of Eleonas – Thebes

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