Solidarity Text by Members of Revolutionary Struggle in Greece for Imprisoned Comrades in Chile

Published May 1, 2021

Solidarity Text by Members of Revolutionary Struggle in Greece for Imprisoned Comrades in Chile

April 19, 2021

We express our Solidarity to the imprisoned comrades in Chile who as of March 22 2021 have launch a mobilization with the characteristics of a long-term hunger strike demanding the release of anarchist prisoners, of prisoners for subversive activity, of prisoners from the bloody uprising of 2019 as well as the prisoners from the native Mapuche liberation struggle.

Also, other requests concerning the amendment of a law regulating the conditional release of prisoners so that this remains an established right of prisoners and not a “privilege” as defined by current law. This law is biased and is more aimed at militant prisoners, at anarchist prisoners, at prisoners who are imprisoned for their struggle against the State and capital. It is a law that makes conditions for the possibility of release difficult. It turns out yet again that all over the world the enemy is one. It is the State and the international state-capitalist complex of power.

The States’ method of keeping their political opponents inside prisons as long as possible is evident all over the world. Evident, as was the priority of the current Greek government which, when it came to power, voted revisions of the penal code laws, as well as of the penitentiary code recently, with the goal of keeping the remaining political prisoners, especially the unrepentant ones convicted under the counterterrorism law for armed struggle, for urban guerrilla warfare, in prison as long as possible, still and after completing the time limit for parole.

And we, the imprisoned members of the Revolutionary Struggle, are among them. Like the enemy, our struggle is also the same one despite the diversity of conditions and of any differences, from Chile and Chiapas to Turkey, Kurdistan, Rojava, Greece, everywhere.

SOLIDARITY to the imprisoned Comrades in Chile who have been on mobilization and hunger strike since March 22

SOLIDARITY to the Mapuche struggle


The imprisoned members of Revolutionary Struggle

Pola Roupa and Nikos Maziotis

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Translated by Act for freedom now!