Solidarity Action with Anarchist Prisoners at Scripta Manent Trial in Italy

Published February 25, 2019

Solidarity Action with Anarchist Prisoners at Scripta Manent Trial in Italy

On Monday February 11, in the bunker hall of the Turin prison a large group of comrades expressed their solidarity with anarchist prisoners at the trial for those arrested during the Scripta Manent operation in 2016.

Roberto Sparagna (the public prosecutor in the trial) was unable to speak a word to formulate his indictment. After several slogans and the reading of the following text, the Court interrupted the hearing. The courtroom was evicted through the intervention of the riot squads. During the protest, solidarity was expressed to all the anarchists arrested and on trial during this period, following the repressive operations “Scripta Manent,” “Panico” and “Scintilla,” and against the eviction of Asilo Occupato in Turin.

Freedom for all prisoners! Long live anarchy!

Below the text:

“Twenty years of history of anarchism are being impeached here.

We are not charged, but this is our history and our revolutionary path. And it is precisely this path that the practices currently under trial belong to.

We are all involved and the executioners of the state can neither define nor understand our ideas and our lives.

Solidarity with anarchist and revolutionary prisoners!

Not a step back, always headed Up.

“Firmly and without compromise towards our goal.”

For Anarchy!”

Solidarity with the Anarchists of Operation Scripta Manent

Operation Scripta Manent struck in September 2016 with a series of house raids and arrests in all of Italy. 32 comrades were accused of terroristic association and of some specific direct actions; seven of them were transferred to jail.

The investigation refers to a string of attacks claimed by FAI and FAI/FRI, which occurred between 2003 and 2012 against the armed forces (police officers, Carabinieri barracks, Carabinieri training centres and RIS), statesmen (mayors, a minister of the interior), journalists, firms involved in migrants’ detention centres maintenance and the director of a migrants’ detention centre. The wounding of engineer Adinolfi, executive manager of Ansaldo Nucleare, is also part of the investigation, an event that had already been dealt with in a trial and had been claimed by the Olga Nucleus FAI/FRI, namely Nicola and Alfredo, in prison since 2012 (they are also accused in this trial).

After more than two years, six of them are still held in jail in pre-trial detention while one is on house arrest. Because of the terrorist charge, they are held in special high-security wings inside the prisons where they are kept isolated from the rest of the prisoners and they suffer many restrictions on their mail and visits.

The first part of the trial is due to end in the early months of 2019.

While anarchists have been facing increasing repression throughout Italy, solidarity actions have not slowed and revolutionaries will continue to fight back against the brutality of the Italian state.