Sodexo Car Torched in Austria in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

Published March 11, 2019

Sodexo Car Torched in Austria in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

A car of deportation profiteers Sodexo was torched in Graz, Austria on March 6th in revolutionary solidarity with anarchist prisoners. The following is the statement in full:

In the darkness of the 6th of march we set a car of the company Sodexo in Graz on fire. Sodexo makes a profit with the deportation system by delivering shitty food to deportation centers. All companies that profit from this industry are our enemies and just deserve our hatred.

We feel connected to all accomplices who are fighting against the domination in this world. Above all, to those behind bars and those who support them, we want to show our revolutionary solidarity through this fire!

Through the walls we specifically send a burning hug to all recently detained anarchists in Turin, Trento and Rovereto. SILVIA, NICCOLO, BEPPE, ANTONIO, STECCO, RUPERT, AGNESE, SASHA, POZA, NICO, GIULIO tutti liberi!

We also send a burning greeting through the bars to Loić! We hope that you will feel supported by such acts in your unbending attitude.

For this action, we used fire accelerators that we filled into emptied beverage cans. We put the cans on the floor under the tires of the car. After 5 to 10 minutes, the tires burned and the car flared off.

Fire to Sodexo!

Fire to all cages!