Shut It Down - Keith Malik Washington

Published March 23, 2019

Revolutionary Greetings Comrades!

March 2019 is here already and I find myself thinking about our imprisoned sisters and brothers at the Federal Detention Center in Manhattan who were subjected to cruel and unusual punishment and conditions of confinement in January 2019.

Many times I send reports to my comrades in Brooklyn, at RAM-NYC (Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement-NYC) and I often wonder why they don’t always respond as quickly as I would like them to. In January 2019, I received a harsh reality check. I learned about the inhumane conditions at the Federal Detention Center in Manhattan! I was frustrated and extremely angry!

A week without electricity and heat! It’s cold as hell down here in Texas. I can’t imagine what it was like in New York City! No hot water!? Medications not passed out? I thought to myself, “What the hell is going on up there?”

One thing I know for absolutely sure is that our comrades at RAM-NYC were supporting those incarcerated humyn beings and most likely, it was members of RAM protesting out front of that slave pen and being attacked by the pigs with pepper spray.

If I learned one thing about RAM it is this: Prisoner Lives Matter!!

I also was reminded of a harsh lesson I learned long ago about officials with the Federal Bureau of Prisons: they don’t respect the lives of the humyn beings in their care! Period!

I don’t have a sure fire solution to offer that will keep something like this from happening again, but I damn sure know where to start! Prisoners at that facility must file their BP-9’s, BP-10’s, and BP-11’s. Exhaust all administrative remedies! Don’t talk about it – do it! Focus your complaints and some of your energy on the warden of the facility because I promise you, if that warden truly valued prisoner lives, our imprisoned sisters and brothers would not have literally been left in the freezing cold and darkness for over a week! We need action!

Comrades, we need some demotions, firings, and reassignments of these aloof, callous, and obstinate jail administrators who have violated the public’s trust! We must assemble a legal team and a social media propaganda team for our comrades at this detention center! This can never be allowed to happen again. Most of those housed at this federal lock-up are there for drug possession and immigration holds and shouldn’t be locked in a cage in the first place.

We must struggle together in order to shut this federal lock-up down! Like our revolutionary brothers “Public Enemy” would say: Shut it down! Shut, Shut, Shut it Down!

And once again I repeat the words from our comrades from Fifth Estate, “Anything can happen, if we make it happen!”

This is Comrade Malik reporting in from behind enemy lines in South Texas!

Dare to struggle, Dare to Win, All Power to the People!