Several Police Operations against Revolutionary Republicans across Ireland

Published August 25, 2020

Several Police Operations against Revolutionary Republicans across Ireland

The PSNI (Police of Northern Ireland) and the Gardaí (Police of the Republic of Ireland) this week conducted a cross-border operation officially to combat the activities of the New IRA. PSNI officers made nine arrests in the North on August 18 under the Terrorism Act. The arrestees were seven men and two women, aged 26 to 50, including eight members of the Irish Socialist Republican Revolutionary Party, Saoradh. In the Republic of Ireland, the Garda also carried out a number of searches in support of the operation. These searches were carried out in Dublin, Laois, Cork and Kerry. Detectives from the PSNI Terrorism Investigation Unit obtained from the court an additional 72 hours of detention from 5 a.m. on Thursday, August 20 to interview those arrested and detained at the Musgrave Serious Crime Suite. A new operation finally took place on Friday August 21: the PSNI searched four Saoradh premises in Belfast, Dungannon, Newry and Derry.

Note: Another man was arrested August 22 at Heathrow Airport in London in relationship to this case. The New Irish Republican Army is considered by the British security services to be the most dangerous armed Republican group and is thought to be responsible for numerous attempted attacks against police officers.

via Secours Rouge.