Several Police Injured in Prison Uprising in Kolkata, India

Published March 29, 2020

Several Police Injured in Prison Uprising in Kolkata, India

On March 21, prisoners pelted stones, ransacked and set prison property ablaze, while trying to flee from Dumdum Correctional Home in Kolkata, India.

Prisoners tried to climb a wall and flee from the prison. Police were injured by prisoners throwing bricks at them and at prison guards. They set ablaze parts of the prison and wouldn’t allow fire brigades to enter.

Courts are closed and prisoners are not able to receive bail, leaving them trapped and potenitally exposed to Coronavirus from guards, who are free to come and go, while prisoners are barred from visiting with family members.

The uprising continued on March 22 with new clashes between prisoners and guards, and an incident of arson were reported at the Dumdum Correctional Home, a day after one prisoner was killed and three police were injured there. At least two persons, who are yet to be identified, were injured in the clash which broke out on Sunday afternoon over the state government’s decision not to allow prisoners to meet their family members till March 31 in wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Some prisoners set on fire properties inside the prison after damaging them. They also pelted the police personnel with stones and tried to attack them.

Sounds of two rounds of gunshots were heard from inside the prison and a huge team of policemen was deployed there. A similar uprising has also taken place at the Presidency Correctional Home in Kolkata on Saturday.

With prisoners facing even harsher repression and the risk of Coronavirus rapidly spreading from infection by guards, prison uprisings and mass escapes are taking place at an increasing rate around the world.