Several Commanders try to Reunite the FARC

Published February 7, 2020

Several Commanders try to Reunite the FARC

In December 2019, Iván Márquez, a FARC commander who took up arms, sent an envoy to Cauca to convince two groups of dissidents, commanded by Johani Noscue (alias Mayimbú), to join him.

This is his first major action after announcing his resumption of armed struggle in a video posted in August 2019. The emissary of Márquez is Walter Mendoza, a former high-ranking guerrilla.

He was notably commander of the Arturo Ruiz mobile unit in the department of Cauca. He is also recognized for having designed the mobile columns which gave the FARC several military victories. Johani Noscue is the front commander of Jaime Martínez and Dagoberto Ramos, the two largest groups of dissidents in the northern Cauca.

Johani Noscue is said to have refused to join Iván Márquez, whom he accuses of having signed the agreement with the government of Santos.

Rather, he would have preferred to join Gentil Duarte, former commander of the FARC First Front and former negotiator in Havana, who defected in 2016 with the intention of reunifying dissent.