Explosive Attack on BancoEstado in Las Condes, Chile

Published December 5, 2018

Explosive Attack on BancoEstado in Las Condes, Chile

On December 2, a branch of BancoEstado in Las Condes, Chile was attacked with an explosive by Antipatriarchal Attack Group Claudia López, Antagonic Nuclei of the New Urban Guerrilla.

From the statement: “In Chile a little more than a decade ago, the poorest (and majority) population was still reluctant to enter the financial market. Surely in the popular unconscious, there was still some reticence towards the necktie gentlemen (thieves par excellence).

The bourgeoisie and the supranational Capital have managed to subdue gigantic layers of the population to compulsory labour, where the dividends of this labour always end up in the same hands: those of an exclusive elite of super rich.

However, to make all that money reach the hands of a handful of tycoons there are still steps in the operation. BancoEstado was founded under the dictatorship of Carlos Ibáñez del Campo in 1953, and is the regulatory body of the Treasury. Through this lair of thieves, various organizations are financed, such as Carabineros, Gendarmería, PDI, Prosecutors, Armed Forces, Courts of Justice, and prisons.

The bullets fired by the Jungle Command that murdered Peñi Camilo Catrillanca just a couple of weeks ago not only come from a military apparatus that protects the landlord and business interests, but are also financed with money from the BancoEstado, which gives a special injection of resources to Carabineros to strip the poor and marginalized of their ancestral lands.

For all these reasons, we attacked with a powerful explosive charge the branch located at Av. Cristóbal Colon No. 7306 of the wealthy Comuna de Las Condes on the night December 2, as a Christmas offering in advance to the owners. of Chile, hitting twice the same objective: on the one hand we wanted to destroy one of the many tentacles with which these immoral creditors operate, while on the other we take care to make the tombs where these lords live dangerous for them or their interests.

If we want to promote revolutionary processes, it is key to pay attention to matters such as public policies, to know who are the miserable people who give life to these initiatives. It is essential to know the names of the Presidents, Directors, Councillors, etc., and above all, to the institutions that create these policies, since they will directly affect us. BancoEstado and its close relationship with business groups that move the strings of national politics are a clear example of this.

Attacking the bank where these bastards are financed is a small contribution. We hope there are more. We take this opportunity to greet our colleague Joaquín García Chanks, who is still in captivity and in the hands of the enemy.

Strength comrades: you are not alone. From this humble trench, we continue the fight!

In the memory of our brother Sebastián Oversluij Seguel with vitality and insurrection. Tonight your fierce warrior spirit accompanied us. This action also goes in your honour!

Today, just like yesterday, there are still reasons to fight.

We destroy a small link with which they are trying to dominate. We will go for more!

To continue the fight against the Capital…

Multiply the attacks on the Power Centres!!

To dynamite the neighbourhoods of the rich!!

Let fear change sides!!

As long as there is misery, there will be rebellion!!

Antipatriarchal Attack Group Claudia López, Antagonistic Nuclei of the New Urban Guerrilla”

Originally found here: https://anarchicnewscollective.noblogs.org/post/2018/12/05/chile-santiago-claiming-an-explosive-attack-on-bancoestado-de-las-condes/