Sahrawi Popular Liberation Army Attacks Moroccan Occupation Forces

Published March 22, 2021

Sahrawi Popular Liberation Army Attacks Moroccan Occupation Forces

The units of the Saharawi Popular Liberation Army (ELPS) launched new attacks against the Moroccan occupation forces stationed in sectors of Farsia, Baragui, Hauza, and Mahbes.

On Thursday, the Saharawi anti-colonial fighters' advanced units bombarded the enemy forces in several places. A chain of bombardments targeted the Moroccan occupation soldiers' sites in the area of Agararat Al-Ramth in the sector of Al Farsia. It focused a barrage against entrenched forces in Ross Odi Al-dahmran in the sector of Mahbes.

On the other hand, there was also violent shelling in the Mahbes area, Umm Edeguen areas of the Al Baggari sector, and a concentrated shelling in the Fudrat Al-Tamat area in the Hauza sector.

The SPLA attacks continue to plague the Moroccan occupation forces, who continue to face severe human and material losses in their ranks along the Wall of Shame.

The armed struggle against Morocco’s colonial occupation resumed in Western Sahara last November after a ceasefire had lasted since 1991. From 1975 to 1991, Sahrawi freedom fighters fought a guerrilla war against the Moroccan colonizers.