Sabotage of Video Surveillance Cameras in Indonesia

Published November 15, 2020

Sabotage of Video Surveillance Cameras in Indonesia

As we have seen during the Covid-19 pandemic, the State is taking advantage of the situation with the increase of surveillance (offline and online), control by the police and also by technological devices, such as video surveillance, smartphones, etc. The reason that they put forward for this is, as we know very well, public security, which is a lure repeated ad infinitum.

We are facing an uncertain situation, we don’t know when the pandemic will end and at the same time the state is intensifying its control technology, such as video surveillance, whose use is being increased and improved. At the beginning of the pandemic, we saw that the control of urban space through video surveillance increased, as did the patrols made up of police and military personnel. As a result, the resistance movement is shrinking, we are being “asked” to stay at home, to isolate ourselves. But is this a valid reason not to follow the rebels in the streets? Our answer is no, we are sure it is not.

We refuse to be passive in the midst of the control and seizure of our living space by the state, the government and the police. However, because of this pandemic and the situation of contamination, we must - we say this without wanting to be arrogant - look for a loophole: at the same time pay attention to the health of ourselves and the people and continue the rebellion (albeit minimal and insufficient). We believe that this is possible. Because of this, on November 13, on one of the roads in the city of Pontianak, we sabotaged video surveillance cameras and we claim it.

Finally, we are in solidarity with our Italian anarchist compass struck in the operations Scripta Manent, Panico, Prometo, Ritrovo, Lince, Renata, Bialystok, Scintilla, those who were repressed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the court for the Brennero facts. And the Belarusian anarchists, Monica and Francisco, and also Gabriel Pombo and the anarchist compasses of Tanggerang and Makassar, as well as all the imprisoned anarchists all over the world. Our attacks are dedicated to you, without conditions.

Let’s fight the technology of control!

Fight the prisons and for the release of all prisoners!

Long live anarchy, long live insurrection!

Maverick Cell* - Informal Anarchist Federation