Sabotage of Equipment Used to Destroy Mapuche Territory

Published May 28, 2019

Sabotage of Equipment Used to Destroy Mapuche Territory

A communique from Coordinadora Arauco-Malleco reports that in the months of April and May, dozens of large scale machines used to encroach on Mapuche territory have been destroyed, as part of ongiong resistance.

From the communique:

To our Mapuche nation, to the Chilean and international community, the Arauco Malleco Coordination, through its various ORTs (Local Territorial Resistance Organization), reports the following:


Epu: With these actions, the CAM reaffirms its position to fight in a frontal and decisive way the extractivist interests, mainly from the forest industry, which use force against our historical Wallmapu.

Küla: With these acts of sabotage, we want to bring a firm and clear answer to the genocidal and capitalist policy implemented by the right-wing government of Sebastián Piñera, who intends to continue to deceive our people through the so-called Plan Impulso Araucania and the farce of indigenous consultation, initiatives that seek only the reorganization of capital on our ancestral territory through a capitalist territorial reconversion that would favor entrepreneurs engaged in the fight against our people.

Meli: It is for these reasons that we call our Mapuche people to continue to fight for the territorial and political rights going in the direction of a real national reconstruction of the Mapuche people. Therefore, the actions of resistance and territorial recovery must be directed against our true enemy, which is the oligarchy represented today in the capitalist system, that is to say the forestry, hydroelectric and other companies (fish farming, real estate, aggregates, tourism, etc.).

Kechu: Finally, we call the other Mapuche autonomist organizations, the resistance communities and the other Mapuche expressions struggling not to be fooled by the integrationist and multicultural policies that are part of the regime of colonial domination over our people.

The fight against capitalism is without plan or sale. Foresters are our main enemies and we must expel them with all the strength and unity possible from our ancestral territories.

Bar the forest companies and other capitalist investors of the Mapuche territory!! Freedom for the weichafe Daniel Canio and the other political prisoners mapuches!! In tribute to the weichafe Marco Paillacoi, Amulepe taiñ Weichan!! Weuwaiñ, Marrichiwew !!