Greek State Targets Anarchist Group 'Revolutionary Self Defense Organization'

Published November 11, 2019

Greek State Targets Anarchist Group Revolutionary Self Defense Organization

Greek anarchist guerrilla group, Revolutionary Self Defense Organization, was targeted by the state.

The state launched its repressive action on Friday, November 8th, arresting several comrades.

Revolutionary Self Defense is known for launching successful attacks on the French and Mexican embassies.

Their communqiue from the prior attacks read:

“On Sunday 31st of August, a little before dawn, we carried out an armed intervention against the Mexican state, by shooting at the building of its embassy in Athens. On Wednesday 9th of October, at quarter to five a.m. we carried out another armed intervention against the French state, by throwing a hand grenade next to the guard of its embassy in Athens, opposite the Greek parliament. These two aggressive actions of our organization, together with our first armed intervention on the 25th of May 2014 against PASOK, defy in deed the armed domination of the Greek state and at the same time they express the vision of social revolution and of the dissolution of authoritative institutions here and now.”

The state listed several actions as being claimed by the group:

The state claims they found a huge arsenal including, five Kalashnikov type rifles, a submachine gun, a shotgun, three grenade launchers, gelatinodynamite, a number of ambulances and hospital vehicles, amongst other things.