Revolutionary Forces Defeat ISIS

Published March 24, 2019

Revolutionary Forces Defeat ISIS

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) liberated Baghouz in the final operation of Jazeera Storm. ISIS has now lost its last pocket of territory east of the Euphrates.

The SDF planted their flag early morning on Saturday, March 23rd to demonstrate their control over the area.

The victory over ISIS marks a turning point in the Syrian war, for Kurdish liberation, and for the internationalist revolutionary movement.

Syrian War

In the war against ISIS 11,000 fighters have died and 21,000 were severely wounded. ISIS, at its peak, had controlled an enormous amount of Syria and Iraq, committing horrific atrocities along the way.

With its territorial demise there is potential for a peace agreement between Damascus and the YPG. YPG commander, Mazloum Kobani, stated, “We call on the central government in Damascus to prefer the process of dialogue and start practical steps to reach a political solution based on the recognition of elected self-administrations in northeast of Syria and acceptance of the special nature of the Syrian Democratic Forces.”

If an agreement can be reached the Syrian war may, finally, come to a conclusion.

Kurdish autonomy

The Kurdish revolutionary movement, through armed struggle, courage, and international solidarity has achieved a great degree of autonomy in the liberated territory.

The Rojava Revolution has given the revolutionary movement in Kurdistan a remarkable degree of freedom, resources, and momentum. With the defeat of ISIS there may be a period of tranquility in Kurdish territory, where the ideals of the revolution can develop and grow.

The movement has expanded incredibly far militarily. All the revolutionary organizations involved in this victory have succeeded in ridding the region of this fascist threat in the short term. In the liberated territory, the ideals of the revolution – anti-state organization, feminism, and communalism – have to be actualized in the most painstakingly, and sincere ways possible for the project to succeed.

The Kurdish movement is one of the only territories in the world where liberatory politics have the potential of being implemented with reasonable amounts of popular support, and the requisite self-defense organizations to protect revolutionary gains.

Internationalist Revolutionary Movement

Revolutionaries from all over the world have fought on the front lines in the struggle against Daesh. The International Freedom Battalion, for instance, was instrumental in liberating a huge portion of Raqqa from Daesh.

From the struggle in Kobane to today internationalists have fought every inch of the way. TIKKO and Tekoşîna Anarşîst, for instance, were on the front lines at Baghouz with combat units and medical assistance. The defeat of ISIS is a victory for all the internationalist fighters and revolutionary organizations who have lost many wonderful people, while offering the world so much in return.

Danger Ahead

While the war against ISIS, as a territorial entity is ending, the conflict against its ideology will continue. The Turkish state immediately proceeded to threatening and attacking the revolutionary project.

MLKP commander, Bayram Namaz, was assassinated by the Turkish state Saturday morning as well. As ISIS goes underground, Turkey may become more brazen in its attacks. Furthermore, the fascist ideology driving the Turkish regime and ISIS will continue. But it is through international solidarity and establishing revolutionary organizations worldwide that will defeat these ideologies. As the US, ISIS, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, and various other far right projects march together in a complex mosaic of competition, collaboration, and conflict, revolutionaries around the world must continue to build alternatives and prepare to enact the world we know is possible.

Comrades Ulaş Bayraktaroğlu, Ivana Hoffmann, Orhan Bakırcıyan, Mehmet Aksoy, Barin Kobane, Şevger Ara Makhno, and Tekoşer Piling are all examples of that world and we should fight in their memories and others.