Revolutionaries Clash with Security Forces as Protests Escalate in Lebanon

Published January 20, 2020


Revolutionaries threw stones and molotovs at security forces and set fire to banks in Beirut, Lebanon over the weekend, as over 460 people were injured in the two days of protests.

Militants yelled “revolution” as they gathered on Sunday. Young revolutionaries tried to climb over barbed wire and fencing to storm a heavily barricaded part of central Beirut that includes parliament. One protester jabbed police with a pole across the barriers.

On Saturday night, riot pigs brutally fired volleys of tear gas and rubber-coated bullets against thousands of demonstrators. The protesters, who came from the country’s north, east and the capital itself, clubbed security forces with tree branches and metal bars and fired flares and fireworks while lobbing stones and other projectiles.

Later in the evening, hundreds of protesters chanting “Revolution” chased a contingent of riot pigs near the entrance of a mosque, forcing them to withdraw.



142 ISF (Internal Security Forces) members were injured, including some with serious concussions.

The recently delayed formation of a new government composed of factions belonging to the current political elite will not mitigate the protesters’ anger.

Revolutionaries have rallied against the country’s political elite who have ruled Lebanon since the end of the 1975-90 civil war.

The uprising began in opposition to neoliberal austerity measures and has since turned toward the complete overthrow of the Lebanese state.


Anarchists, incluing the group Kafeh, have continued their active involvement in the protests. In a recent post on Twitter, Kafeh stated: “The ruling gang in Lebanon does not know what awaits it in the coming weeks. We are the nightmare that worries your life. We are ready.” Kafeh also posted a photos of anarchist slogans and revolutionary graffiti on bank fronts in Tyre, Lebanon.