Revolutionary Sabatoge Action Against New Detention Facility - Georgia, US

Published November 8, 2018

Revolutionary Sabatoge Action Against New Detention Facility - Georgia, US

Revolutionaries in Paulding County, Georgia, in the United States sabtaoged equipment being used to build a new detention facility. After the US prison strike, revolutionary groups are increasingly fighting against prisons, in solidarity with those inside the barbaric detention centers, and working in tandem with those fighting for freedom.

The communqiue is below.

In 2016, Paulding County voters approved a new $77 million Adult Detention and Law Enforcement center. Turner Construction (subsidiary of German corporation Hochtief) is managing this project and subcontracting the work to local businesses and construction is well underway.

Early on the morning of Nov 4, we entered the construction site and disabled two front end loaders, one drill rig, and one excavator. The keys were in the ignition for all of this equipment so we relieved the company of those. We then moved to the field offices for the project where we were able to shut off the power to the site and disable two golf carts and a pickup truck belonging to the company. At the time of this post 4 days later, one front end loader and the drill rig are still out of commission. Work was delayed by several hours on the Monday following the action.

No rest until all are free. Fire to the prisons.