Responsibility Claim for Attack on Syriza Offices in Athens

Published May 28, 2019


On May 23, the windows were broken and paint was thrown on the offices of Syriza in Ampelokipoi, Athens in solidarity with the hunger strike of Dimitris Koufodinas and in hnor of Mauricio Morales.

The following is from the statement:

For a Black May

At dawn on Thursday May 23, we decided to attack Syriza’s offices in Ampelokipoi, breaking the windows and throwing paint. With this move, in addition to our hatred towards any institution of power, irrespective of the party, we wanted to express our practical solidarity to the political prisoner and hunger striker, by D. Koufodinas.

In recent days, numerous actions have taken place in Athens as well as in the rest of Greece and abroad as signs of solidarity with D. Koufodinas. So we, in turn, make it clear to the state that in any political game that goes against our comrades we will respond accordingly. Armed action for us is an integral part of the anarchist/revolutionary movements and Dimitris Koufodinas is a fighter and symbol of the guerrilla activity.

Lastly, we dedicate the action to comrade Mauricio Morales, who 10 years ago, on May 22 fell fighting when the bomb he was about to place exploded on him.

Honor forever to our dead. Fighting in solidarity with political prisoners.

As these lines were written, Dimitris Koufontas stopped the hunger strike. We wish the partner good recovery and strength.

Anarchist Core “Honor to Mauricio Morales”