Responsibility Claim for Attack on Police Station in Athens in Honor of Lambros Foundas

Published May 29, 2019


The communiqué claims responsibility for the attack on the Koukaki police station on March 2 in honor of fallen Revolutionary Struggle member Lambros Foundas.

The news released in March, nine years ago, lacerated us but did not surprise us.

Our comrade Lambros Foundas had fallen dead in an armed battle with cops during the expropriation of a vehicle in Dafni. Knowing Lambros, we knew the totality of his choices as a revolutionary. Knowing Lambros we knew his solid formation, lack of infatuation, his profound human ethos, made him perceive his revolutionary engagement in an undivided total manner. We had met him in assemblies, squats, marches, protests, conspiratorial meetings, insurrectional riots, anti-fascist action, night arsons. And it was no surprise to us when, with his death, we learned that his revolutionary choices included his participation in the armed group Revolutionary Struggle.

Because that was exactly Lambros. A complete man, a complete revolutionary. To the end.

Honouring the memory of our comrade, Saturday night on March 2 ,2019, we attacked the Koukaki police station, another den of torturers and murderers.

We could not resist mentioning the publication “Kathimerini” in our attack, in which the GADA centre of operations ordered immediate arrest on any person passing-by, promising a day-off (!) Indeed, those who persecuted and murdered the Nigerian immigrant Ebuka, how many days-off did they get?



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